Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday Monday!

The morning after the Easter holiday. My children's Easter baskets are almost empty. I see belly aches in their immediate future's. What a nice quiet dinner we had and then we decided to play the card game Uno. This is a really fun game for children and adults. I have to admit when my daughter first got the deck as a gift from one of her classmates, I could not fully figure the game out, then my oldest daughter's boyfriend (hi CJ!) taught us how to play. Lots of fun and my five year old has a full grasp of the game too, it didn't take him as long as it took Mommy ;)...I'm sure it will continue to be a game of choice in our home. Oh and a quick update on 'Oliver'. He's fully on the mend and getting back to his full activity level after his neutering surgery last week. I am enclosing a sweet photo of him from a couple of weeks ago. He adores the snow and I refer to him as my 'Snow Dog' because he loves to stick his face in the snow and eat it. He also runs exactly like the snow dogs that pull sleds. Very cute stuff! Until next time,

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Noelle said...

Your dog is adorable! I love the art on your page too. Wow, talent!