Thursday, April 29, 2010

the patina of a life expressed...

As I posted on my other blog, I have been in a whirlwind of activity, hence my absence from blogging.
I have many wonderful happenings and hope to share more soon...
but for now here is a hodge podge of photos...

me in sepia tones...

this is an oil on board of a girl named Anna ~ painted in 1860, when she was 20 years old. She lived to be 80. There are details with her full name, mention of grandchildren etc on the back of the painting. I wish the photo was nicer to show the richness of the colours. Something drew me to her. I had the frame but bought the painting for $20 at my local antique shop. She's haunting...and she's my new Lady in Red,  as Steve has the other...:)
This is my dining room chalkboard and I change the message on a regular basis. Sometimes in french, sometimes displaying a menu ~ anything goes! 
These are my words..."In the Garden of Life, you'll always find Beauty, if you look for it"...
My studio is on the move...It will reside in its own special place very soon. 
Under construction ..;)
the stain of pain (close-up) ~ 16 x 20 charcoal and coffee on canvas

This is a lovely vintage card table that I recently picked up. I just fell in love with it! I love the style of the legs and it looks like a very old oil painting. 
This photo was going to be titled: 'Pain Lives Here'...because among all the good happenings in my life, I am spending more and more time with my Chiropractor :((

in his office is a large print of Picasso's 'Blue Nude' and it along with my back pain ~ ugh!  inspired me to paint these...but I try never to dwell on the negative. 

coffee and charcoal on canvas when they wips (works-in-progress)
(crazy? I know, but I love my coffee :) 

me in b & w ...somebody needs a haircut ;)

Anyway, I hope to see you soon! I have not been able to make my round of visits and for that I am sorry. At times, life moves at such a wicked pace and weeks go by before you know it. I leave you with a smile and much love...
© 2010

intricacies of...

contemplating evanescence
comes a breath of life

a soulful love

perceived emotions
tangled in its intricacies

a parade of feelings

the story of ~
what was dreamed
and what we have BECOME.

© 2010

image source: 2tumblr_krk5a9S0uw1qzpe8uo1

Love for Keats

you think it almost crude to love
so fair; so much

conceived in quiet beauty

love can feign the faint of heart
it springs forth from buds of weakened desire
made strong
made whole
sustaining all else
frail health ~ so cruel

 love requires its chance
its favour
allow it its  earthly place,

let history know his love

let the romantic poet 
live within us all...

© 2010
* inspired by the film - 'Bright Star' ... and by my beloved poet John Keats (1795-1821) 

as I wait for the antidote
to fuel my cure

as I was  living a lie
that now revealed ~ obscure.

drifting in and out
as I rest now among
lily's bare
drenched in their scent 
existing everywhere

and yet nowhere...

© 2010

image source: tumblr
*note: I have been dying to use this image ~ it's so unique! 
and so it may not match my prose, but hey!  :) ...
and I been living that whirlwind of activity so my absence has been extended. I am making many changes, updates to my life,  my home,  my blogs and to my Art. I cannot wait to reveal my latest endeavor but time is needed, quite possibly a few more months...Instead of being absent, I hope to post my *little happenings* ~ if only to keep in touch.  Miss you ALL!!! 
Much love~
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