Friday, March 26, 2010

Hi everyone! ...Spring is here!!

beautiful mistake in my studio

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been ages since I last posted, two!  I have been increasingly busy but wanted to make sure to pop in to give an update. I also want to apologize for being MIA from visiting your blogs as well. 
I miss visiting all of you!

This is just a pictorial post showing some of the things I've been up to...

this (work-in-progress) painting was prior to my trip to Arizona ~ Me thinks I had the desert on my mind...she is titled: 'My Aboriginal Self' and is a 16 x 20 mixed media on canvas.

Sunrise my first morning there...ahh

outdoor wedding in AZ 

taking an old black/grey weather worn window and giving it a nice patina! 
and a shelf...

Ali *creating* a snowman after the last major snowfall

getting the art table ready for 3
Logan painting a volcano!
Ali (God I LOVE her auburn hair) 
Amidst these busy times taking time out to *reflect* and *meditate* is necessary...

My waterfall ~ the largest of several...oh the lovely sounds they make when flowing...a sanctuary in our own backyard.  As I write this post at my desk I am looking up and my view is of this waterfall. 

See You Soon!

all photos by Calli ~ 2010 

let's fall in love again...

She's Back!!!!!! 

(got to get me one of these!  looks like a stylin' vintage Vespa! :)

Yes, I am finally making an appearance. It has been a whirlwind of activity. I hadn't planned on being away so long, let alone at all. Life has been busy! In good ways! I have been doing small remodeling projects. Re-decorating rooms in my home and prepping for larger remodeling projects that should be taking place soon (fingers crossed). Kids were on break from school. I also traveled to Arizona (my home away from home), and while there, stood up in my best friend's wedding! ... caught a bad cold upon return :( ...It was a very fast and furiously fun trip. We had a fabulous time and because it was short, I am already planning a return trip. I used to live in AZ and though I don't think I would enjoy living there now, it is so great to visit in February and have the most beautiful temps,  in the 70's = perfection! I especially love the nights in AZ.  It's so beautiful to sit outside enjoying a glass of wine hanging out with friends, old and new. We didn't have much downtime due to wedding preparations,  pedicures, hair, shopping, rehearsal dinner, etc. The outdoor wedding turned out so lovely and we managed to escape the forecasted rain. And for additional FUN that night we visited an Irish Pub and listened to a great band...Love the banter that goes on between the band and the much fun! Felt like I was in the film PS I Love You ~ the only thing missing was Gerard Butler ;) I wanted so badly to get up and dance like they did in Riverdance and Lord of the Dance...but instead you dance with your hands pounding on the table to the beat; very hypnotic! Feels a bit like static dance, definitely groovy :)
I miss the desert already and my best friend!

I also wanted to touch base to thank all of you, my sweet blogger friends  for sending notes and comments wishing me well and wondering where I've gone to. I appreciate your hanging in there during my absence. I miss visiting all of you and hope to do so very soon. Honestly, I am amazed I ever had time to blog before as things have just picked up so much, partly due to the warmer weather. I have sooo many new projects going on and I am very excited for several of them. It's amazing the mental *energy* and *optimism* that spring provides...

sunrise my first morning in AZ...

this was the house they rented for us...I loved the way the sun was touching the clay rooftops in the early morning sun...:) 

these were the best I could do for pics...sooo busy I forgot to pack my usb cord for camera :( so my memory card was full...:( but you get the idea....more pics over at:
G A R A H S T A H 

See You All Soon!!! 
image source: tumblr and all desert pics by Calli