Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Rush...

for several more pics of Autumn country living,  click here: 

pictures, pictures and more pictures...

t h e  w o o d s   a n d   f i e l d   a c r o s s  f r o m   m y   f a v o u r i t e  v i e w

We went for a drive after school today and this is what we saw...all pics are taken within a 3-mile radius of our home...the pond is directly across the street and the rest are just around the corner...

feel free to zoom in...I was loving what the camera was picking up with some of these shots...
 this is why I love country living!

h e r e  t h e y  c o m e !
4 ~ d u c k s  i n  a  r o w
t h e  p o n d  i s  a c r o s s  f r o m  o u r  h o m e ...

t h e  d u c k s  a r e  b e i n g   t a k e n   t o  a  n e i g h b o r i n g   f a r m  f o r  t h e  w i n t e r ...
t o  k e e p  t h e m  w a r m
a n d  s a f e  f r o m  c o y o t e ' s ...

h a v e  y o u  e v e r  f e l t  a  d u c k  g r a b  f o o d  f r o m  y o u r  h a n d ?
i t  f e e l s  l i k e  h a v i n g  s o m e o n e  t o o t h l e s s  b i t e  y o u...

m y  b a b i e s

h a h a  l a d y,  i  g o t  t h e  w h o l e  p i e c e ...

s h a r e  w i l l  y a ?

s e r e n i t y

t h e   v i e w   a c r o s s   t h e   s t r e e t   f r o m   o u r   h o m e  ...

a r o u n d  t h e  c o r n e r

t h e  r o a d  t o  m y  f a v o u r i t e  v i e w

m y  f a v o u r i t e  v i e w

s u n s e t  a r o u n d  t h e  c o r n e r

t h e  w o o d s ~ n e a r  m y  f a v o u r i t e  v i e w

a c r o s s  t h e  r o a d  f r o m  f a v o u r i t e  v i e w

f l y i n g  h i g h ~ j u s t  b e f o r e  s u n s e t
o f f  i n t o  t h e  w i l d  b l u e  y o n d e r!

all photos by ~ all taken on October 26, 2009


Saturday, October 24, 2009

turning inward...

Tears turning inward

flooding her insides
as her heart becomes inflamed
with a hurt so deep
so dark
charred by an absence
of love, 
of respect,
of care...
of him...

Tears turning inward
filling her mind
her heart
her spirit ~ with the deepest pain
in the darkest place
in the deepest way...

Tears turning inward
for they have nowhere else to go
heart dying inside turning black
scorched by her burning tears

deceased being
deceased heart
deceased love

deceased from the fragile state 
that IT
once was
 for love ceased to be what was thought
the path was decided for her
and there was no 
chance for her, 
for them.

fate? decided that it was not okay 
and not okay for her to express 
her thoughts, her feelings, so she held them at bay
until they had no choice but to move inward
as no outward release could be found...

...what decided this?
she had no part...

she is left with
Tears turning inward.


As you slipped into the darkness
your soul cried out for the chains
to be pried from their grip that
held and
suffocated your being

this crinoline steel-like web that's cast itself
to the winds 
to the deepest darkest places

where life has no chance to be,
to survive

what else is there to
this dance of damning qualities
within, without...

where  life has turned
brought a wickedness
from below

levels deep
hidden in disparaging thoughts

that forever drown
who she wants to be...


image source: Tears_of_stone_III_In_memoriam_by_aphostol

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

over forty and fabulous...newer painting

over forty and fabulous
11 x 14 acrylic on canvas
Over forty and fabulous
entering the Autumn of her life

she is seasoned
she is perfection
she is wife
mother and child
she is all these things...

she carries her hurts
she lives her joys

she is YOU
she is ME

she lives as if her
has been blissfully set free

she wears a glow
her aura speaks of
life, living, joy, hope and love!

she is over forty

f a b u l o u s!

To ALL my kindred-spirit sisters, whether forty or under, with love...
i  painted this a few weeks ago and have not painted since with the exception of a few sketches.
i am high and dry
my painting Muse is still on vacation,
My birthday was Monday and I got to thinking about us women over forty. 
I think we're pretty fabulous!  and I have met so many of you beautiful and talented ladies here...
~ I'm 46 now and 
blessed with good health, beautiful children,  family and friends, and hopefully, I have many more beautiful years to come!
and I want the same for you!

CHEERS! to ALL of YOU! xx

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sweet surrender and such... 3 for 1

bring to me

sweet surrender
that lives within these shades of grey
days of grey
days of grey

i come undone
when you're away
you're away
you're away...

sweet surrender
painful and sweet are you!
sweet surrender
is all i can do...

i come undone
each time your face meets mine
and we stand before this love
i come undone

o' i dream
i dream
i dream

Until the spell is broken
all the while wondering if you're true...

if you're true...

image source: m x 127s by scarabuss

do not take
from me that which is ME

let me always know and be at comfort
with the unknown

for we speak
we share
we commune
we devise
we plan
we exist
we acknowledge

the unknown does not frighten ME
though i have been known to frighten the UNKNOWN

for he or she knows of the Beauty
that i seek...

image source: coh by alex vasilenko

oh, if i were you my love
i would settle in to those feelings,

the unknown
has bequeathed
upon you
and in turn me...
to not bend with such
and dance with awhile, would be
ever so sinful

a gift as this should not be
or displaced.

can't you see this love?
or does it simply
resemble all
others you have seen?
is it different?
something special,
something charmed and magnificent?!
is it ordinary
or extraordinary?!

is is unreal or real?
you tell me my love
lend me your thoughts, love

for mine are laid out like
a platter filled with feast
symbolic of the feast of the gods
that lay at your feet and mine...

shall we partake
what a treat that would make
but as long as we do not forsake

oh my love, where shall we go?
do we flee?
or simply lay it to rest
my love

oh my love


if i were you...

image source:couple+in+cafe...7RGgy4cxidb73efd9qv1OwYx_500  

my newest painting (especially for my kindred-spirit sisters) at: 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

awakening the Muse ...a 5 for 1

she wanted

so she waited
she never quite knew which way the
wind would fashion itself next...
but she held on.

was she misguided to believe? 

through trial and error
she sequestered her thoughts...
no one would ever know the depth
of her knowledge
she's had no choice but to remain silent
she is aware of unspoken motives
she is aware of the said and the unsaid

 her gift? or more accurately ~
her burden

her silence
her silence

 she hides behind this knowledge
she cannot open the wound 
until she knows she can have 
 the purity and honesty
that she lives for

death of faith
death of faith

let down
disenchanted is she,
 from the story 
she lived,
told herself.

how can ones  faith  function and remain intact
in this pool of obscurity?

her heart downtrodden
she moves on from the maize 
that her love has become.

a lover's choice

 her only choice

freedom to love
to be loved in return...
as fortune, will be hers
she will know a love like no other
she will not live behind rules, religion, or the creed
of others' 
only those of her own making

true love...
that is her creed

her religion

your kiss was not a kiss goodbye
yet your kiss remains the reason why

a song of love...a ballad...
lost... found...lost again

your kiss whispered many a tale

a collaboration
of feelings

conceived in the mind,
felt in the heart
leaving an imprint upon the soul

companions in living
 in dying
though never near

imagined then realized by a
fleeting impulse 
as evidence was made

and nothing will ever be the same

thwarted by imposing obligations
a life already lived

elusive wants mixed with
inflated dreams
inflated by your kisses

the ones that

diffused light in darker days...

facets of you
that glisten in the setting Sun

dancing on raindrops 
as rainbows form across the skies

from one end to the other 
i love you!

i found you on one side
and i on the other
as we met in the middle

where forever rainbows reside...

fears have fed hurt to my lover
feeding more hurt to my fears
as uncertainties lay open
before US like a wall made of stone
that lays before the garden 
planted with what if's 
and i told you so's

reverting to a darkened corner 
that is all that can be done

a pregnant pause
as my love for you
streams back & forth
between levels of consciousness

finding myself
letting go
lingering midway
between this heaven and hell
this limbo

yet whatever the Gods deem
will be so...

image source: unknown 

Friday, October 16, 2009

wherefore art thou muse? ...

muse, oh muse
wherefore art thou muse?

i , stranded with paint and palette in hand, 

wasting away, as my brush has not been
compelled to reach the canvas.

oh muse ye do
paint my thoughts, yes
but that is as far it goes
and words they wander
yet do not flow

oh muse
come back to me

bring forth C R E A T I V I T Y!

 Romeo & Juliet, they had much to whine of
but  I, I in deeper need than even they

Please bring forth C R E A T I V I T Y!

ye are present in these veins
oh muse
and in this blood
but ye are sleeping

on the job
and need to awaken!

or I shall wax and wane with the Moon
and ye fickle one will be deserted and be the one left behind.
 oh muse! ...

Wake Up! 
what'd ya think this is? a paid vacation?

image titled: body_paint...photographer unknown
poking fun at my muse for abandoning me...damn that muse! ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

much ado about nothin...

much ado about nothin at: 

Fall from a different angle...

Thought I'd post some pics again because I am oh so depleted in the creative muse, well, he/she
has been intermittent. Not happy when he/she does that...

With that being said, I've captured more fall least my camera is functioning!
Yes, I love boots! these are  my Jack Sparrow suedes...;)
I have sooo many pairs of boots...
guess you could say I have a boot fetish...;)

the solitude of Fall

tree huggin

this gorgeous clay leaf was made by my son, Logan, in his first grade art class last year. I love it! he did a great job!

walking Fall

see what happens when I've nothin in the art department!
you lucky people get picks of my beloved boots!