Monday, September 28, 2009

where the road meets the sun...

Matthew Perryman Jones
Where The Road Meets The Sun lyrics

Feat. Katie Herzig

Angel wings spread over water worn wishes
Guarding the dreams and the things left unsaid

Here we are wandering, aimlessly roaming
Lovers who linger and never forget

And when it's done we will walk where the road meets the sun

Waiting for you by the Santa Maria
How long does thou stay with these letters from you
I don't know whether we'll end up together
But I always know that our love is true

And when it's done we will walk where the road meets the sun

KATIE: Don't disappear
MATTHEW: Darlin', I want you
KATIE: Don't leave me here
MATTHEW: And when the day comes
KATIE: I'll meet you here
BOTH: 'Cause I know that wishes come true
Finding my way back to you

Angels wings spread over water worn wishes
Guarding the dreams and the things left unsaid
And when it's done we will walk where the road meets the sun

photo by Calli ~ July 2009

some new pics at: G A R A H S T A H

life's moments & Calli's Angels...

Mom game day...lookin a little TOO GIRLY according to Logan!
It's the PINK! ...Mom rarely wears PINK...;)

Logan takin a break at Saturday's soccer game...

my Logan as goalie ...blurry shot but love the action...
he was so impressive that day, he was workin that field!

meditating mermaid...

my duck whisperer ~ Alex wants to be a Vet when she grows up!

Calli's Angels
Alexandra ~ Lindsay ~ Logan
July 2009

Crazy Crazy and more Crazy...did I mention they are Crazy!
July 2009

Emma...i love her! 

Life's little moments
sweet simplicity...
pure, simple, joyful moments

golden retrievers
more smiles

gotta LOVE them all...
these are the moments that make up a life
and make A  world go round...
...make MY world go round.


all photos by Calli ~  :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sepia dreams...

sepia dreams
16 x 20 mixed media on canvas


sepia dreams
with melancholy
with your love

sepia dreams
in various shades of greys and browns
that cloud what was,
what is...

sepia dreams
antiqued like the memories
that still live

in you
in me
in us...


image source: new painting by Calli
some new pics at: G A R A H S T A H

looks like, feels like, Indian Summer...

I love you, the best.
Better than all the rest.
I love you, the best.
Better than all the rest, That I meet in the summer.
Indian summer.
That I meet in the summer.
Indian summer.
I love you, the best.
Better than all the rest.

The Doors ~ 'Indian Summer' lyrics

Today, looks and feels like Indian Summer, even though her majesty Autumn, has
just arrived. It's balmy and beautiful and my favourite kind of day. Heavenly! I wish days like today could last forever, but then maybe we wouldn't appreciate them as much.

These pics are of my barn.
Looks like someone needs to do some pruning...;)


background refresh...

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday drives & Monday mornings...

hibiscus tree & burning bush ~ they make quite a pair!
This is taken at my home.

Is it a bird? or a plane? ~ I shouldn't tell you this, but I was driving
approximately 67 mph while shooting this photo - yikes! and it turned out pretty focused ;)
what I call, the House of Pillars ~ a lovely home but it faces a major roadway.
coming up on the House of Pillars
wish you could see how lengthy this house is...
my new tree bearing fruit...

the Moon
The Sun and Moon ~ they also make quite a pair...

Still working on a new painting that I hope to post soon, but I thought I'd fill in with some pics.
Took a drive yesterday and saw some things along the way.
Love this time of year, and it's only just beginning.
Welcoming Autumn with open arms!

hope you're all enjoying this glorious, vibrant, energetic time of year.
and to those that are in the midst of a different season, I hope you are enjoying whatever Mother Earth brings your way! It's all good...

worthy of sharing? ...winds of change...

Autumn breaks through the barriers
of the late Summer Sun
Harvest has begun...

Leaves come to shroud the dissonance
that build upon the lands
readying themselves for Winter's long embrace

She comes...
He goes...

They move in separate ways.
yet, mysterious ones.
For what was known
is incomplete...

Autumn carries with it
a breath of exuberant air!
the dissonance so greatly needs.

come now lover
do not wait for the frost.
come now lover
when the leaves begin their dance
among smoky grey blue skies,
where the hawks fly
in unison,

bringing messages to those that
need them...

windows lay open for those last seasonal
breezes that blow,
bring change,
a new perspective
new opportunities

come now lover while the Sun streams through
the trees, and rises in the east hills of green, still,
yet becoming gold, red, orange.

come now lover
do not wait any longer
as the earth is readying herself
i ready myself for you...


image source: Messages of the Hawk by Calli ~ This is an old painting that was published a few years ago, but one I would clearly make some changes to now. Yet, I still love the meaning behind it!

Welcoming Autumn...
welcoming you...
some new pics at: G A R A H S T A H

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a new painting...

my newest painting at: G A R A H S T A H

...I do hope you'll visit me at my art blog and do consider
being a follower there as well, so that when I post
a new painting, you will know.
thank you!

Please know, I'll still be around to visit from time to time.
much love~

the ties that bind us...

the ties that bind us
16 x 20 ~ acrylic on canvas

close~up of the ties that bind us

Have you ever looked outside of yourself for understanding?
When inside, you were completely in a place of knowing and loving who you are?
Only to find that you still looked beyond you. Sure, we all do it.
It is a basic human need to wish
to be understood.
Particularly by those we love.
Aside from love, I think this is our greatest need
and in many ways they, go hand-in-hand.

Maybe we need to learn
to cut those strings of need...?
because we may never get that
UNDERSTANDING...and maybe, just having our own ~ is enough!

*when I first did the sketch for this painting. I had the image arrive on the paper of a
ventriloquists doll. The original sketch looked exactly like one of those dolls. I then drew the strings.
I actually had that idea a long time ago, while thinking to myself, do we live strictly by our own choices or is the Universe actually pulling the strings? Like an omnipotent puppeteer directing us to and fro. Do we follow fate or does fate do the creating? Then the idea came about cutting the strings, and finally she became about the desire for understanding. Always, from original concept to the final painting, evolving takes place, and changes are made and often that seems to be the process for me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The Song Maker
by Sara Teasdale

I MADE a hundred little songs
That told the joy and pain of love,
And sang them blithely, tho' I knew
No whit thereof.
I was a weaver deaf and blind;
A miracle was wrought for me,
But I have lost my skill to weave
Since I can see.
For while I sang -- ah swift and strange!
Love passed and touched me on the brow,
And I who made so many songs
Am silent now

*it seems I have grown tired of my own words
and so i take a little break from writing.
i hope to continue posting new paintings on
my art blog and also my art site. if i have
anything fresh & new to contribute, i will
certainly bring it here to post.
i will be visiting all of your pages, as time allows
because, i never tire of your words, your art
or your creativity!
much love~

image sourc: train+tracks++12216829046wbLIpG
* i so wish i knew the photographers name to credit this stunning photo properly.

Monday, September 14, 2009

for my love rests on wings...

for my love rests on wings
that flutter against the grain
of the wheat that blows wistfully
in the sweet winds of love

he waits for me

he knows the time is near...

i waited for him...
i wait for him still...
yet my transformation is not yet complete

like falling leaves in Autumn
his soul whispers cascade
on the breeze that carries our future
on the clouds that survey our landscape,
on the seas that chart our course
on meandering paths that we will walk
as we greet
covered bridges
where we will stop to kiss
and atop hay bails
where we'll play
in that old barn that rests up on the hill...

he waits so beautifully
he keeps to himself
knowing full well, that
i am almost there

he's enjoying the flight
yet he longs for me to fly along side him
on wings of butterflies
that carry us forth
to new places.
new dimensions of love



image source: 'to the source'... an older painting by Calli

click the link to view one of my completed WIP (work-in-progress):

in her eyes, hope lives...a recent WIP completed...

in her eyes, hope lives... a close~up

in her eyes, hope lives...
11 x 14 ~ acrylic & oil on canvas

Young Love
by Sara Teasdale

I CANNOT heed the words they say,
The lights grow far away and dim,
Amid the laughing men and maids
My eyes unbidden seek for him.
I hope that when he smiles at me
He does not guess my joy and pain,
For if he did, he is too kind
To ever look my way again.
I have a secret in my heart
No ears have ever heard,
And still it sings there day by day
Most like a caged bird.
And when it beats against the bars,
I do not set it free,
For I am happier to know
It only sings for me.
I wrote his name along the beach,
I love the letters so.
Far up it seemed and out of reach,
For still the tide was low.
But oh, the sea came creeping up,
And washed the name away,
And on the sand where it had been
A bit of sea-grass lay.
A bit of sea-grass on the sand,
Dropped from a mermaid's hair --
Ah, had she come to kiss his name
And leave a token there?
What am I that he should love me,
He who stands so far above me,
What am I?
I am like a cowslip turning
Toward the sky,
Where a planet's golden burning
Breaks the cowslip's heart with yearning,
What am I that he should love me,
What am I?
O dreams that flock about my sleep,
I pray you bring my love to me,
And let me think I hear his voice
Again ring free.
And if you care to please me well,
And live to-morrow in my mind,
Let him who was so cold before,
To-night seem kind.
I plucked a daisy in the fields,
And there beneath the sun
I let its silver petals fall
One after one.
I said, "He loves me, loves me not,"
And oh, my heart beat fast,
The flower was kind, it let me say
"He loves me," last.
I kissed the little leafless stem,
But oh, my poor heart knew
The words the flower had said to me,
They were not true.
I sent my love a letter,
And if he loves me not,
He shall not find my love for him
In any line or dot.
But if he loves me truly,
He'll find it hidden deep,
As dawn gleams red thro' chilly clouds
To eyes awaked from sleep.
The world is cold and gray and wet,
And I am heavy-hearted, yet
When I am home and look to see
The place my letters wait for me,
If I should find one letter there,
I think I should not greatly care
If it were rainy or were fair,
For all the world would suddenly
Seem like a festival to me.
I hid three words within my heart,
That longed to fly to him,
At dawn they woke me with a start,
They sang till day was dim.
And now at last I let them fly,
As little birds should do,
And he will know the first is "I",
The others "Love" and "You".
Across the twilight's violet
His curtained window glimmers gold;
Oh happy light that round my love
Can fold.
Oh happy book within his hand,
Oh happy page he glorifies,
Oh happy little word beneath
His eyes.
But oh, thrice happy, happy I
Who love him more than songs can tell,
For in the heaven of his heart
I dwell.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

wanting to know more...

the experience of him
being near him
brought whispers
of a love of past
and inklings of a future love

to feel known
and to feel from him
the desire, to be known more fully
a lovely feeling, indeed!

she thought she knew him
but discovered, and pleasantly so
that he was so much more
than what she thought,
this seemed impossible (though she knows that nothing is impossible).
for he was already upon a pedestal in her mind
she thought to herself, "how can this be?" ...
"he's fantastic"...
"i want to know more"...


knowing others on the deepest level
is her way and also his

so the two shall meet
magnify their qualities
grow as two,
stronger than one...

wanting to know someone
inside and out
that drive
that force
that says, I MUST know more


he searches every inch of her
his need as great as hers
this is the way it should be

he sees things in her that
delight and surprise
for he also thought he knew her
but together
there is something

oh, the joy they will share getting to know MORE...


image source: relationships_seduction

Friday, September 11, 2009

Calli...sort of...

Calli ~ Self-Portrait
11 x 14 ~ acrylic on canvas

This was an attempt at a self-portrait. Honestly, I find it very
difficult to paint my own likeness. I can capture certain features or aspects of myself
whether it be a feeling, or an emotion, but to be exact...No! but here she is, one of
a handful of recent attempts...

I have also done several rough sketches in preparation of the are a few...
this is the sketch prior to the painting in a recent post titled: in Her element ~ see a couple posts down...


the stages of...

I have this thing about photographing my paintings from different angles, must be that photographer's eye, the way I see things...this is also how I like to photograph people...

the world in her eyes...i liked this one as i have a chunk of green colour in my left eye...

The sketch/underpainting eventually turned out to be the published self-portrait. This painting went through many changes from beginning to end and I photographed every stage. I love to look back and realize the changes that took place during the making of...someday, I may make that into a video or slide show.

click the link on the upper right of my page or in the next post to view the
final portrait!

a sneak peek at my latest WIP

as always ~ thanks for viewing!