Monday, November 30, 2009

southbound train to nowhere...

as she walks the tracks 
of her life
she wonders what part he will play
or is wanting him like riding a southbound train to nowhere?

 he speaks
cojoles, teases,
as if he knows all that has been and will ever be

 she just wants to be free

yet she's tackled
like a quarterback on Sunday
wantin' to move down that field
trippin' on steps made
for those over three

 his freedom is
not the same as hers
some say, "shackled by beliefs 
that have no place
 in the realm of love"
all is not said and done!
she's acutely aware
of rights and wrongs
 and invisible constraints
that pull like the white of the straight jacket
that strangles the life from
the virtuous woman
she needs to be

and she, 
she just wants to be free

yet she's tackled
like a quarterback on Sunday
wantin' to move down that field
trippin' on steps made
for those over three

where will she be, come Winter?
when earth sleeps
and the north winds blow
as the ravens make their turn about town
with their tail feathers all aglow

what do the ravens know?
...she may never know

as she rides that southbound train to nowhere...

loosely lyrics...definitely, a work-in-progress!

image source: Train_Tracks_2_by_batsforlashes

and so 'not' related to my poem.
take a listen to an awesome new song with Daughtry and Vince Gill ~ here, by pressing the orange button, once you are on the site:

*I met Vince a few years ago, what a sweet man!...Even tho' I rarely listen to country music these days, I will always have a soft spot for Vince.
and kudos to Richard Marx for bringing these two together!
He's not only a brilliant songwriter but just plain, brilliant!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

sacred dreams~ sacred love...

you entered my dreams,
sacred dreams
immersed in sensuality
in a sweet softness of
heart-soul love

my dreams
became something
something more,
more beautiful
more sacred
each time I dreamt of you

each time the Gods
allowed me to hold you in
my thoughts and in my arms

each time you spoke
without words
you let me know just how much
you loved me
how you treasured US

for years now
you have visited my dreams
held me closer than even real-life imaginings
knew me better than any real-life soul ever could

your appearance changed
each time but maintained a certain consistency
dark hair, dark eyes
yet feeling the same each time
always strong
always brilliant
always gentle and kind
always knowing that you could never harm
my heart, my body or my soul
you regard my spirit as your spirit
we are One
we are Love
we are forever joined
spiritually in the heavens born
forever, no matter the lack of
your physical presence in the now
because your soul presence
is always there, always near
as I feel you in my daytime thoughts
and in my daytime dreams
I feel you moving closer

...and I love you

and someday, my twin-soul Love
you will enter my wakened life

and we will be forever set free...

image source: protection_by_Vic4U (one of my all-time faves)...

Monday, November 23, 2009


it comes on strong
out of nowhere can love

it goes
out of nowhere can love

flooded with sensations
dizzying moments
equilibrium  ~ out of control
head in the clouds
more swaying

to the left
to the right

fluttering here
fluttering there

to what degree?
what are the
symptoms of love?

sweaty palms
racing heart
tummy butterflies
made useless
loss of appetite
no need for sleep
inability to concentrate

it's almost as if
 Love = Vertigo

but one can take a prescription for Vertigo
what can one take for Love?

...but more Love!


image source: Vertigo pic of and by Calli
* correction: pic not by Calli
pic by Alexandra 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

she knows...a NEW painting!

16 x 20 acrylic on canvas

finally! a new painting! 

this one, i think...she's pretty self-assured. she's
definitely a woman that knows what she wants, sort of like me...
i like her!

please make a suggestion for a title for her. so far
it's 'she knows'...but that was off the cuff and I didn't give
it much thought, so,
let me know what you think.

and...thanks for viewing!


ps~have you noticed the huge difference in the new post editor for the image sizes of large or xtra large. personally, that has been driving me crazy. they need an in-between size...:)

temper this heart...

she stands

she is caught
in the glitz of him

her dreams wandered
took hold, then dissipated
no chance,
no chance of fruition

knowing full well
she should run
make haste
temper this desire
this need
to be near, him

for he has not proven himself to her
he has not shown that she can let go
she feels frozen in time
in that time of loving him
she remembers, 
all too well...

in this space
this wanton space

she wants to let go
she wants to understand
this limbo,
this grey space
with so many
broken places

she wants
to be free to love
yet letting go does not
seem an option

she is forever having to
temper her heart...
when all she wants to do....

is to love...

written September 2009

image source:sleepwalker+by+jessica+tremp

please visit my newest painting at: G A R A H S T A H

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am bound...

I am bound to my lover's touch
his touch, feather light 

and yet 
so deep

time has passed
yet I am still bound
though he is no longer here
 no longer near

I carry him with me
day and night...
night and day...

there is pain in his absence

oh my love!

It pains me to live without
his touch
and I linger here in memories
of what it felt to live in his embrace

I carry my love
as the seasons pass
their glory only serves to remind and heighten
what was...

A little space in time
a fleeting moment
a love ~ beautiful

yet a love not meant to last

 I am bound to my lover's touch...


image source: don__t_believe_in_love_by_drshVS

Monday, November 16, 2009

her time will come...

sheltered she remains
for she is safe
from hurt
from pain
from heartache
though she endures a secret pain
for she is not sharing that part of herself that is even more deeply 

 she nurtures in the home
yet dreams of being the one nurtured
though, one thing comes before the other
at least for a time...

her time will come 
of this she knows
and for this she will be ready...


image source: Mother_child_ by Howard Weingarden
this one is titled:  Out_ of _body_ journeys 

*I am enthralled by his beautiful drawings and visionary art...
zoom in for the full-effect

Thursday, November 12, 2009

autumn as metaphor...

Indian Summer
summoned by Autumn to make
her final curtain call

after Autumn heightened her glory
she secretly wished to retreat
but held on for just awhile longer

does she weep?
does she leave quietly
and gracefully?

she had sensed Winter  lingering in wait
yet he made no demands
because he knew his fate

she felt fragile, depleted, spent...

after all she had given,
 though, as is her way,
 she gave freely and with love
yet,  even as she gave,  the giving took something from her
it had to, as a sign to re-build her strength
for her next vital performance


why does she hang on till the twelfth month's near end,
after all her sacred beauty has gone?

even though her time is short

the letting go, is always painful...

image source: spirit of autumn_il_ 430xN.56319247

Thursday, November 5, 2009

sun by day ~ moon by night...

Heart shaped Moon ~ Dance #I
16 x 20 acrylic on canvas

Full Moon photo

she sat under the glistening Sun by day
and under the sheen of the Moon by night

they both fed her exactly what
she needed

the Sun warmed her spirit and illuminated her being
as she dreamed of love, living...and
contemplated her future

the Moon gave her strength
insight and conviction
to follow through
to make her dreams come true!

such power
such grace
such beautiful divinity
the stars, they simply backed up her convictions
as they sparkled in the placid celestial decked out sky
...ideas sprang forth from each and she
knew right then and there that love
was possible, that the possibilities
were limitless...

and that love was what would carry her through

the stars also spoke of things to come
and though their message cryptic, she knew...

she knew the power and the strength
that could be found communing with these
great Cosmic Beauties...
she knew her life was just beginning
and she pondered these thoughts 


 she sat under the glistening Sun by day

and under the sheen of the Moon by night


Painting, photo and poem by Calli

Architect of her life...

Her story unfolded,
Her energy depleted
breathlessly waited, hoped…
but not today
today she moves into the crisp
new russet, tawny wheat
world covered in blue skies
that defies all other blue skies
as the grey takes a rest
as she pounds the pavement to the
breaking day
breaking convention
breaking past the lies. the fate
that only served to
weigh her down,
yet now give strength.

she now sees beyond the falseness that
consumed …
there is newness
to be found in the light of day

to her
it's all new
bringing hope as the ocean waves hurl their energy
against her very being
cleansing her soul that has lived its sorrows
bringing forth a gentle all-consuming love
one that has deemed itself worthy
of praise, of reciprocity,
of trust
of respect

as she closes her eyes
she intends beauty to seep into every pore of her body,
her spirit
every vein, every cell
Consume her O’ love
Consume her, yet let her keep
her Self-intact,
her faith in relationship

Let her flow between give and take
Let her exist and yet stand-alone
A woman unto herself
Unto her achievements
Her plans
Her goals

She will thrive in a new day
In a new way
Fresh as the sun as it warms the sheets
that dry on the line that sways in the breeze
As all the details of her life,
her loves, move in and out of this realm 
of life and living

as she comes to understand
her needs
her wants
and the difference between the two
she becomes more herself than ever before
she has a power and a strength
that multiplies as she opens her heart
her mind, her soul, to something more suited to her
and she love’s with all she has and more

she will write
design her very existence
she will ease into whatever comes her way

she will know how to proceed
as she listens more intently
to her joys, to those things that speak
to her soul and leave the
most significant mark upon her

like a tattoo or tapestry
of her life the way it was written,
intended to play out,
to be drawn, to be weaved

it could have gone in any direction but it went where
it did and it always will,
though now she will see more vividly
the direction that is healthiest for her
and she will ride that wave
with gusto
with moxy
with a sharp wit and mind to match
she will flow
she will go
…she will LIVE STRONG

As the Architect of her life that
The Gods intended…


image source: Citadel by=petitscargot

for my newest painting visit: G A R A H S T A H

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