Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bohemian Classic...

Just stepping in to say hello to those of you readers who did not get my update post on my other blog. Here's the link if you'd like to peek in: 
Shades of Grey
Speaking of other blogs, I am trying to come up with a way to merge the two. I am stuck. I love the background and concept and design on the poetry blog and love the clean lines of this one. This is a prime example of my aesthetic in design. I am eclectic and am drawn to a free-spirited bohemian way of decorating as well as to clean lines and simplicity. And, so as I merge these differing traits in my real life, I will attempt to do the same here.  I took a fun quiz once (can't find the link) that determined that I was a 'Bohemian Classic' as far as design goes. Um, yep, pretty much true.
If i haven't mentioned it before all things Design are my other love. I am drawn to this more and more. I love taking something old and making it new and even more beautiful. At times, I prefer to keep something in its old and worn state because its patina lends a warm and welcoming charm. My future projects will be where fashion meets fine art and where fine art meets design. Designs are in the works! That is my only hint. I just felt the need to shake things up a bit and take my creativity to a different level. I am still painting on a regular basis. I am also, if you read on my other blog, renovating and re-designing many rooms in my home. Unfortunately, I have taken on too much at one given time so I need to ease back a bit and go slower. I'd love to post pics of my happenings but my USB port(s) on my laptop are apparently malfunctioning and will not recognize my cameras. That will be rectified soon, I hope. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please do let me know.
For now I leave you with these...and one has nothing to do with the other ~ just random pics to peruse :)

These are my new accent chairs but this is not my photo. The chairs are much larger than they appear and darker in real life.........I love my chic accent chairs!!!
Just a *very old* watercolour painting of mine. I rarely work in watercolour now.

This was a lovely send from my awesome friend RO and I wanted to share it with YOU! See you soon~
© 2010 

peace sign pic and painting by me

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flights of Fancy?...No way!

In a secret place
a heavily guarded fortress for one
designed and implemented
to protect
to serve
An inner chastity belt ~ tightly secured.

 all the while...
the breeze wisps by and speaks loudly and with authority!
"It is open to you!
You must believe"!

"There is no war between two"

"There is no winner or loser"

"Only a right ONE, a right CHOICE".

Solace disturbed by this breeze that speaks as if it knows
what the heart does not. Penetration, regardless of chastity.
Damn this disturbance...damn this! The breeze is simply wrong,
naive, even feeble minded.

I just want to rest!

The breeze wisps by again and says, even more loudly and with even more authority!
"You have been loved with promises and where did that get you"?

"You must know your dreams will come true".
"You've done your part so yes, rest now but know it shall be done and soon".
"Time is the only delay".

"Rest now, for you will need all the energy you can muster"...

Still uncertain as to the breeze's knowledge and message;
skepticism remains.

after a lengthy sleep and soothing rest...

This heart opens like a blooming flower
Full with Fever!

Yet opening gently ~ carefully.
Can this be?
I can just be?

An affirmative, resounding 'YES' comes from far off in the distance
followed by...
"We will find
no boundaries,
no hindrances,
no confused emotions or intentions on my part or yours, my beloved.
Things that were issues in our respective pasts are just that ~ past.
They need not plague the love we are about to embark on.
Walls will crumble and fall".
"We will both be FREE~ to just BE".

"This, you and I have designed together...
and together we will  BE".

~AMEN to that! ;)

© 2010

image source: KnightsTreasure_LG2
I'm so sure I've used this image before but funny after my words were written I came across this pic again and low & fits perfectly!
 * Gotta love fairy tales because they can and do come true! ...

for a cute little fantasy click here: 
from the French film 'Happily Ever After' ....I just LOVE Johnny's smile/grin ~ it's so hot! and what a cameo role for him! Loved it!  ;)

*Once again, I have been an absent blogger. I'm not even sure I can call myself a blogger these days.    I am still so busy plus my laptop and connection have been
challenging me big time. I can't upload any new paintings or pics because my laptop usb ports are apparently shot.  But I wanted to make sure to pop in to say Hello!
Still renovating. Still setting up my new Studio. Still painting and working diligently on my new *secret* projects. I cannot wait for the reveal of those, at least in part at some point before September. 

....And,  Still missing you guys!