Friday, January 7, 2011

a visceral existence...

a Visceral Existence
defined by efficacy of Light

conviction of soul
as One befalls this Plane to the next
gaining momentum 
that governs the way from and to sacred mansions

To Fracture the Membrane

the veil excised
there is no reverse path

for birth is raw
life is raw
and LOVE is raw

tethered to seeds of knowledge
Rooted in the Sacred
tethered to a sublime, indescribable Force

lifetimes projected
probabilities viewed
manifestations proven

To Fracture the Membrane 

is to live a Visceral Existence
To Awaken...
To become REAL

image source: asemente 

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Shadow said...

...emotions are raw. to feel them is to live.

Caio Fern said...

wow , it is wonderful .
yes it is visceral , yes it is raw .....
so strong !
thank you for this , Calli.

Brian Miller said...

birth or rebirth is definitely is love...and sometimes pushing through that membrane can be so hard but once out breathing deep...its worth it...

Dulce said...

My dear Calli,
Being so easy as it does for you to create these come... (blah blah before?)
So glad you've posted again and with such meaningful words here...
RAW, it all is. yes, and tethered... but the REAL hope is always a something we must hold on to.

Loved it and you know I really mean it.

Hugs and thank you for being there.
May the sun rays of my canary Sun shine on you for all this year and beyond- in and out!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Thanks for always being real, Calli!

Nevine said...

And that should be our desire, always... to fracture the membrane that we can become who we truly are... and to live life to its fullest and drink its nectar to the last drop.

Calli, it's great to see you back! I know life calls, always. But it really is nice you're here once again. You know how much I enjoy your writing.


Calli said...

Absolutely, Shadow!

Thanks so much, Caio! and again, nice haircut ;)

Yes, Brian, it is completely worth it!

You're so funny, razzing me for being gone? haha ~ You're very generous tho', masterpieces? I think not, but thank you for saying so ;) ...I can feel the rays of your Canary Sun and thanks because it's pretty darn cold here :)...hugs!

Cori, it is the only way for me to be, thank you!

Nevine~ Always you inspire and you're amazingly appreciative of the work of others...thank you for that, and for your talent and more!


how absolutely wonderful to have you back, dear lady! and to read your beautifully exotic words! divine! here's to fracturing that membrane!

again, lovely to have you back with your lovely words and lovely images!

Steve E said...

Who but 'Calli-Girl' can put into a couple dozen lines or fewer--life, death, happy, sad, birth, rawness of things living, yet spirituality of the life process.

What grabs me is how we all are set free...and yet NOT!

Girl...we gotta TALK! I will mail you, promise. Because I do not wish to deal with the wrath of an untamed Irish SHREW--grin!

Calli said...

Why Steve, it's you? We're you been, Mr? Thank you for your generous words and yes, this untamed Irish shrew needs a note...;)
Talk soon, well!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Have not been hear in awhile. Great poetry and art work. So glad I stopped.


Calli said...

Thanks, Melanie! Hope to be back posting some new stuff soon :)