Thursday, January 13, 2011

impatient vows

impatient vows
seek to understand

conceived in the heavens
fate actuating
the onset
as well as the duration

I cannot force alteration
I cannot escape the inescapable
I can only gleam the force
and imagine its impact

I cannot push nor pull
I cannot calibrate it

I can only celebrate
in its coming to pass

I cannot ply between fingers to make REAL
I cannot paint it on canvas
or weave it into existence

Free will allows me to play a part
but all is divinely appointed
~ awaiting consummation

as impatient vows
seek to understand

until we meet again...

image source: what to do ~ deviantart


Brian Miller said...

ooo this is definitely thought provoking as it can be interpretted on many levels...i like the bit of wisdom there in the end...

Shadow said...

this is how it is. simply beautiful!

Dulce said...

'I can only celebrate
in its coming to pass...'

It might sound retoric,a clichè, but i really feel so related to these your wise words here, my dear twin... to a great extent indeed.
Great work


Nevine said...

Calli, what beautiful words... filled with the self-doubt... and also self-knowledge... both of which allow us to be more insightful about reality. Sometimes, painful as it may be, we must wait... and wait... and wait... until the waiting is done... and the vows are consummated!

I so enjoy your honest plunges into the Self, Calli!



and of what can i speak here that has not already been spoken of your beautiful haunting words, calli - just beautiful, lady!!! wonderful to be reading you feeling your words again! ;)

Dayne Gingrich said...

I love this. You have such an incredible way with words, Calli!

I want ... NEED ... to read this 5 more times. There's so much said in those few words.

You're amazing.

Calli said...

Hey Brian, thank you! I have to admit I do like to weave many possible meanings into my writing. It creates a bit of mystery, sometimes, even to me! ;)

Such a nice comment, Shadow, thank you!

Oh, Twin, Dulce, thank you! I have a hard time with such praise, but it is always very much appreciated. Hugs to you, sunshine! xxoo

Nevine~ I always take away inspiration from your comments. You have a wonderful skill of discernment when reading me. Funny, it does hold within each piece, the different aspects of Self, one of the reasons I so love to write. Quite often, I will not SEE that until a comment such as yours.
Thank you!

Aww, thanks, Gypsy! I am definitely feeling those words, yours and mine! :)

Wow, thank you, Dayne. That is one generous comment! I hope I can live up to that! So good to see you here again.

Noelle said...

I agree - divinely appointed. Nothing may be forced. I like this wisdom in this piece.

Bianca said...

How ironic. I just completely stumbled across your blog and saw my image from DeviantArt - "What to do". I'm glad you like it.

Bianca said...

How ironic. I completely stumbled across your blog per chance. I saw that you used my image from DeviantArt - "What to do...". I'm glad you like it.

Calli said...

Thanks Noelle and Bianca for the great image :)...somehow, I missed those comments.