Monday, January 24, 2011


 As I spend as much time as I can on the PULSE series, I reflect on the silence that winter brings and in contrast, the exuberant feeling that comes when we step out into the frigid cold air, (that is, for those of us in the northern hemisphere :).
Winter is a time of rest, and respite but on certain days it is like a gust of possibilities beckoning to life under the blanket of sleep, of snow. It is that pulse of life that keeps us living, moving, accepting change and pondering possibilities. I enjoy this time in the dead of winter to contemplate, to dream and to create. I love and need this time. Though that blast of cold air is truly living in the present moment!

 Here is my latest version of Pulse ... 'inner landscapes' coming to life.

Pulse...continued... 11 x 14 mixed media on watercolour paper


Primal  ~ 11 x 14 mixed media on watercolour paper
(I was taking a break from Pulse and suddenly Primal appeared)...

Primal ~ close up  

tree in its former life

This is a tree in its former life sitting atop my neighbor's hill; the hill I look out on each day as I head out my front door. The tree, ultimately struck by lightning, has been gone for about three years now. I captured this beauty in the spring, summer, fall and winter. The best ones shrouded in the morning mist...There is something very mystical about a lone tree..........and I missed this one so much that I planted one in my own yard.

until next time...


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Hey Calli!
These are wonderful. It's amazing - they look like they are aged and patina-ed metal. Love the texture.

lilasvb said...

your art is beautifful!

Zuzana said...

Those are such beautiful sentiments expressed in poignant words and stunning images.
I agree with you on the tranquility of this season, filled with contemplations, as well as expectations - knowing life is still moving on.;)

Calli said...

Hey Deb! I do love to play around with texture...thank you! Hope you're staying warm.

That is sweet of you, lilasvb, merci!

Thank you, dear Zuzana for your generous comment. We do share many thoughts and reflections, especially on the seasons... xxoo

Nevine said...

Calli, I think you already know I love this series. It truly speaks to me. And "Primal" is such a nice surprise. You are a very talented artist, in every sense of that word. You truly know how to capture the essence of emotion. And I love to swing by and receive what you have to offer. :-)


Calli said...

That was a very sweet comment, Nevine, thank you!... Painting emotions has always been my goal and if I succeed in that and speak to you through my art, then I am incredibly happy.