Tuesday, February 9, 2010

cheers to love...


love ...
(the key)
let love rest upon my breast
         my soul
let it nurture my want of you
let if feed upon all that you are
and all that i am 
when i am with you

we are unstoppable
we are !
i am
you are
no two more made for  LOVE

there was a time not long ago
when true love seemed impossible, tainted
but LOVE is always possible

you are here
i am here
we have found what we have both
always wanted,
always  needed 

some things are just meant to be

you are LOVE
happy Valentine's day...

Happy Valentine's Day  to all of you!!!!!
Spread the love...

image source: Marion Cottilard (french actress),  key to my heart, 
'Heart on the Mend' a paintng by Calli  - 2006, 
hands, and lolz.ir


Brian Miller said...

beautiful verse..of course i am a fan of love...and love to see it spread. happy valentines day!

Caio Fernandes said...

this is a wonderful sequence .
a new style of visual poem .....
your heart is beautiful ... yes , the one painted .... and the other too . ( they're the same , right ?)

Devika said...

Cheers to love, Calli...nice poem :)


laughingwolf said...

thx calli, and right back atcha! :)

Gary Keimig said...

Happy Valentines Day to you Calli. May your day be truely blessed.

Kim A. said...

Spreading it.... :-D



beautiful, lady! here's to love - and to red, to loving the red, living the red!

Dulce said...

Oh MY Dear Twin!

The Power of Love within you eternally
Nobody can describe such a quest
Such a never ending
open Window
to That light
WE call LO.V.E.

...AND your cgoice of pics> SUBLIME!

Love ya!


Scribe816 said...

You have some beautiful work, but may I make a suggestion? The white text can get lost in the background of your template. A black text would be a lot easier to read.

Suicide Barbie said...

Lovely! (anything and everything is indeed possible)May all your days be filled with the beauty of Love's evergreen arbor.

Nevine said...

That was a lovely post, Calli, and very inspiring. May your message of love spread everywhere, this week, and every week. Happy Valentine's to you, too!


Cynthia said...

A lovely verse of love Cali, as
only your heart can write.

Happy Love day to you as well.

Are you snowed in. WoW! The snow
is beautiful though. I'm reading
submitting poems and cooking up
a pot of delicious chili.

Dayne Gingrich said...

You had me with, "Love (the key)."

Soooo true, yeah? It's hard sometimes, though, when we feel like that LOVE is hiding... or has come and gone.

We must keep smiling, laughing, and kissing... as much as possible.

Great post!


Fragrant Liar said...

Nicely done, Calli. I'm spreading the love as far and wide as I can!


just dropping by to see what's new and exciting from lady calli - hope your day finds you all in red with lots of sunshine!

Karen said...

Oh, Valentine's Day must be your holiday, Callie, my most romantic of friends! Beautiful images and words for a beautiful day.

Dulce said...

Too long this leaving...
Missing you!

Sir Thomas AKA (Winters Reaper) said...

where are you......

Rainbow dreams said...

Cheers :) hope all is well with you and you had a lovely Valentines that doesn't fade, Katie, x

Steve E said...

THE most powerful force in all of Creation...because maybe creation IS love...

Love to "see" you again soon, Calli.
Maybe you'll get back home after the snow is melted?

Good night

Dulce said...

HEY Queen twin
High time you come back!!!

An award for you at my site today!

Nevine said...

Calli, just hoping all is going well...


Steve E said...

Calli-Girl...I hear ABOUT you, but
not FROM you! There IS a difference!

Like Nevine, I hope everything is OK with you althogh "everything" is askng quite a lot--grin

Love...and PEACE!