Wednesday, February 3, 2010

purging the way back into love...

Feeling an urging, a purging, a clearing the way (symbolically) just in time for Valentine's Day!!!

How often do we find ourselves - HURT and wondering how in the hell did I let that happen - again?
We let it happen because we trust and as we all know we can trust to the point of being oblivious to the truth. The phrase love is blind coined by Shakespeare,  was/is too true.

But at the same time, love is grand! It is everything! Love is what urges me on each & every day. I am a hopeful romantic. You all know I believe that is the main reason we are here. When I write about love it is usually one extreme to the other and that 'something' in between. That's the way love goes. We can be fiercely, passionately in love or complacent in that love or we can feel a comfort level , a safeness within that love or anything in between.  I love the grand, fiercely passionate kind of love and I think that can be found and still bring about that sense of comfort and safeness. BUT, we do this ourselves;  for ourselves.  IF we're smart we will make sure we feel this in our own lives, in our own hearts before taking on another love. You would think this knowledge could come at an earlier time in ones life? You would think that once this knowledge came the message would stick?...but not always the case because  love is blind or it can be. I think when we are in love all sense goes out the window, if we're not careful.  IT would be so great if we all knew at a very young age  but chances are we live. we love, we eventually learn.  IT doesn't matter so much what someone; a parent or a mentor tries to teach us. We have to experience, plain and simple. But I always try to instill in my children that they themselves create their own happiness and that love can only add to the richness in their lives. I will keep telling them that,  until I finally get it...... ;)

a poem of purging:

feigned emotions
a counterfeit love
a forgery to the heart

for what?
what purpose?

to understand, one must
enter the mind of a womanizer

he puts forth exhaustive efforts
to make women fall ~
and fall they do...

until they crash and burn
(some bitterly)
to the depths of her own hell

until she realizes
that she cannot live his lie 
she will not be his conscience

she'll move heaven & earth
to once again

her own beautiful truth

sweet images... THAT is the way it should feel...and even with the commercialization of the all too dreaded Valentine's Day...I still believe in LOVE
but if love  lets me down again...

you can find me here....;)

image source: veza1_largenbsp; tumblr images and

and a quote I really like: make that love! 

by Howard Zinn
To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness.
What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places -- and there are so many -- where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction.

And if we do act, in however small a way, we don't have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.


Brian Miller said...

here does not look so bad. may love find you ready and waiting...

Caio Fernandes said...

i still believe in love too , even being such an amatour with no excuses for this .
wonderful touching poem .

i try to do not think about it . or feel ....

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

That is a wonderful poem and terrific quote! I do not think of myself as a romantic in the hallmark flowers type thing but I am romantic when it comes to the arts. That will always be my grand passion. Thank you for your comment on my Armand and Michaela post! I have been so busy, I haven't had a chance to reply on my Blog but I will. However, it's just so grand to find somebody who knows what I'm talking about! Can you believe, that I've even spoken to people from that era who lived in Kenya and they don't know of them? xx


calli - am not sure you will receive this - i've tried several times to leave a comment - actually, to even ready your post all the way through but continue over and over to be cut off by "loading advertisements" of assorted kind - ???? - and you said you had difficulty leaving me comments - anyway, every time i got about 1/3 of the way through your post, an advertisement would load and i was cut off from your blog -

however, what i did read, i loved, of course, as i do all your work - and find it to be the truth in all ways of love and things thereof - so, perhaps i need to begin a bit of cleaning/cleansing for and of love myself!!! great post! and your site is fabulous!!!

Calli said...

Brain ~ Caio ~ Josephine ~ Gypsywoman~ ...You guys are great ...thanks so much for these wonderful comments!

and Jenean~ Yes, I too have been kicked out of my own blog by a white screen for some ad that never ends up loading but consistently kicks me out, no matter what I click on. I have NO idea why it is doing that. I'm thinking it's my browser which at the moment I am using firefox. I don't run any ads on my blog so I'm thinking it's a definite glitch. And, almost the same thing happened when I tried to comment at your place and other blogs a few days ago.

Maybe it is blogger. I'd be interested to know if anyone else is having trouble?

So sorry about that. I'll investigate on my end and thanks again!

Calli said...

and I meant to write BRIAN...oops. sorry typing of late...ugh :(

Calli said...

Hi all ~ If you made it into my blog that's a good thing but there is something 'compromised' and ads keep popping up. I don't get a full ad I just a white screen, but there seems to be some sort of bug. Whatever the technical term is. Thought it was Firefox but it happened with IE also.

I will write to customer service at blogger to see what's what...

Scribe816 said...

I found your BLOG while commenting on Protégé’s site.
We all strive for someone to love and who will love us in return.
Sometimes it finds us when we’re not really looking.

Kim A. said...

Very beautiful today...Thank you.



love love love these words - counterfeit love - a forgery to her heart! fabulous, lady! and it speaks to us all!

Gary Keimig said...

As always, great posts with great feelings and concepts.

Nevine said...

You are right, Calli. This is the perfect attitude to take, not only for Valentine's, but all year round. There are sure some jerks out there, but there is always the nice guy, too. Patience... Good things come to those who wait!

Your words were lovely to read, and soothing, and filled with hope. I wish you a gleaming white knight hiding around the corner in all his regalia, just waiting to sweep you off your feet!


Dulce said...

What can I say that you don't know,that we don't share?
Beautifully stated...
sweet hugs


Superfluous Brunette said...

I hear you. We do this to ourselves. I wish we could learn about love earlier instead of going through all the pain...again. I guess it comes down to loving and believing in ourselves first. Knowing and honouring our own self-worth then we wouldn't be so our own illusions.

As a consolation, heartbreak brings us closer to our own heart.

Much love to you!!

Calli said...

Happy weekend gems, and thanks so much for the always fab comments!

and Nevine sweetie! From your mouth to God's ears!!!!! :)May my true knight come out of hiding!!! He will be so welcomed and loved.

much love to all of you~
ps~ got rid of the 'falling snow' and that may have been the culprit causing funky blog errors.

Ily said...

I hear the bells, I believe. ;)

Betty said...

Your poem pulled on my emotions.
Loved it !. I believe in love regardless of age.Utopia?
Have a lovey weekend , Calli.
Bettty xx

PS Following now:)

Secretia said...

Purging to make room in our hearts for a new love. It is ok to do this, and it's the only way to allow new love to grow.


Dayne Gingrich said...

Passion, passion, passion! You could write the phone book, and still make us feel your intense emotion.

The moment I STOPPED looking... love hit me square in the face. When I say "stopped," I don't mean "kinda not looking..."

I literally let go of the control I thought I had on the matter of love. I wasn't ever happy enough on the inside, which always ended up hurting my relationships in the end.

Love will find you ~ TRUE, ONE OF A KIND LOVE! Let go of the "white knuckles," and open your palms to the sky. Amazing what happens next!

Love your emotion, as always.


Devika said...

Love and life go together...truth ofcourse is very personal, as it is relative -- What might hurt one woman may not be hurting to another.... Thats my thinking, anyway, enjoyed your take, Calli :)


Fragrant Liar said...

Love. What have you done to me?

Past time love did right by me.

tattytiara said...

So true that you can only learn love by doing. Lovely post.

Catvibe said...

You are amazing sis. The way you open your heart to reveal this so honestly and thoughtfully. And then after that, reading the poem was like a stab in the heart.

I can so relate to this purging before Valentine's. I've been doing some kind of purging myself, as you know...but the hope is there, and a sense of calmness too. Some kind of lifting and letting.

I hug you to the heart sis. With wings and feathers around you to warm you.

Rainbow dreams said...

great quote Calli :) Love in all it's wonderful forms has to stand the test of reality and shine through the grime of every day. Have a wonderful Valentines day, much love, Katie, xx Have missed much but am still here :)