Thursday, April 29, 2010

intricacies of...

contemplating evanescence
comes a breath of life

a soulful love

perceived emotions
tangled in its intricacies

a parade of feelings

the story of ~
what was dreamed
and what we have BECOME.

© 2010

image source: 2tumblr_krk5a9S0uw1qzpe8uo1

Love for Keats

you think it almost crude to love
so fair; so much

conceived in quiet beauty

love can feign the faint of heart
it springs forth from buds of weakened desire
made strong
made whole
sustaining all else
frail health ~ so cruel

 love requires its chance
its favour
allow it its  earthly place,

let history know his love

let the romantic poet 
live within us all...

© 2010
* inspired by the film - 'Bright Star' ... and by my beloved poet John Keats (1795-1821) 

as I wait for the antidote
to fuel my cure

as I was  living a lie
that now revealed ~ obscure.

drifting in and out
as I rest now among
lily's bare
drenched in their scent 
existing everywhere

and yet nowhere...

© 2010

image source: tumblr
*note: I have been dying to use this image ~ it's so unique! 
and so it may not match my prose, but hey!  :) ...
and I been living that whirlwind of activity so my absence has been extended. I am making many changes, updates to my life,  my home,  my blogs and to my Art. I cannot wait to reveal my latest endeavor but time is needed, quite possibly a few more months...Instead of being absent, I hope to post my *little happenings* ~ if only to keep in touch.  Miss you ALL!!! 
Much love~
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Cori Lynn Berg said...

Callllllli.... lovely, lovely, lovely.. hope you are well! xxx

Brian Miller said...

thanks for updating the last stanza in the first poem, love it...a new endeavor, sounds nice...

Calli said...

So nice to see you, Cori! I'm doing great and hope the same for you ...thanks so much!

Brian, my faithful reader ~ thank YOU!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Good to see you again Calli! And to read you once more.

Dulce said...

Oh sister!

How lovely these pieces...
And I understand why you HAD to post that photo- It's gorgeous!

Am glad to see you are back, already commented on your Picture MAker Blog
BTW Have you seen my new Sweeter images blog?


Christine Robinson said...

Wonderful to see and know you're creating, living, growing.

Nothing like a little rearrangement in our lives to make the NOW seem so electric and alive. Like breathing fresh air... and realizing every breath IS new and fresh.

Can hardly wait to see what you've got in the works, Calli.

Be well.

Sir Thomas said...

this is really sweet....

Love it lots.....

Nevine said...

Calli, it's so nice to see you back here. And I take it you've seen the movie "Bright Star". Such an inspiration! Your words are lovely, and delicate, and so very pure. As always... you disappear... and you return with precious gems to reveal to all!


steveroni said...

WOW! Brian Miller and Calli in the same comment list--I AM in great company!

Calli dear, I have missed you--really, and I SO owe you an apology for not being in contact. The longer away, the more ashamed I became for the procrastination! I WILL touch base...promise.

LOVE that girl lying next to her dream guy. I'll bet he's getting a chill hiding behind that tree--grin!

Love you. From
"What was dreamed and what we have become....."


oh, such truly beautiful words and thoughts here - it was wonderful just soaking them all up!!! hope you'll drop by the campfires when you can - till then - jenean

Cynthia said...

Enjoyed this menage a trios of
utterly romantic poetry and only
you can truly own, Calli.

Oh yes, that image of the girl on
the grass with the "empty" clothes
is unique. Wow!

Calli, if you have several minutes
you could spare please stop by
poemflesh2. to read my latest
dialogue with the poet Nevine.
Like you she is quite mystical,
so I feel you will enjoy the
interesting piece.

Thank you!

And I am very jazzed about the
hint you have given your readers
about something new you are
involved in.

Calli said...

Awe, Deb, thanks SO much!

Dulce Twin girl, you are SO sweet! Does this mean you have a new blog? I am trying to figure out how to consolidate mine into ONE but I don't want to give up my background...hugs to you :)

Chris~ Hey, a new fun! It's true all is new and keeps coming! Gotta LOVE that!

Why Sir Thomas ~ Many thanks!

Thank you Nevine! I did see 'Bright Star' awhile ago. To me it has such a *quiet beauty* to it. Loved it! Thanks for the always lovely comments.

Steve, Steve, Steve~ Missed you too, but never feel bad. I know we all feel guilt when we are gone but we shouldn't. I have felt the same being so absent, but life takes over, ya know?! Loved your comment about her dream guy hiding behind the tree, catching a chill ;)

Jenean~ I just love your visits. You are always so genuine and kind. I will stop by those campfires soon and thank you very much for all your sweet visits. ps~ Hope your trip was great! I am planning a trip to Ireland and even though it's a ways off ~ I cannot wait!!!

{Missed you all and I do miss visiting. I am trying to fit in a couple hours to do just that ~ enjoy some coffee and VISIT and see what YOU have been up to! :}

Until then...

Calli said...

Sweet Cynthia~ You popped in while I was responding. It's SO good to see you! I hope you're enjoying our lovely New York weather. I would love to stop by and read Nevine. I love her work as I do yours. Sorry for my absence. I am sure I have *much* to catch up on...

Your comments are always so uplifting and I love that you said you are *jazzed* to see what I am up to! That makes me smile and makes me *jazzed* to create!

Poetic Artist said...

Your words lovely. This is my first visit to your blog. It is so truly beautiful.

Calli said...

Welcome, Katelen! and thank you so much for your very kind words and visit. I love your username! I look forward to visiting you soon!