Thursday, April 29, 2010

the patina of a life expressed...

As I posted on my other blog, I have been in a whirlwind of activity, hence my absence from blogging.
I have many wonderful happenings and hope to share more soon...
but for now here is a hodge podge of photos...

me in sepia tones...

this is an oil on board of a girl named Anna ~ painted in 1860, when she was 20 years old. She lived to be 80. There are details with her full name, mention of grandchildren etc on the back of the painting. I wish the photo was nicer to show the richness of the colours. Something drew me to her. I had the frame but bought the painting for $20 at my local antique shop. She's haunting...and she's my new Lady in Red,  as Steve has the other...:)
This is my dining room chalkboard and I change the message on a regular basis. Sometimes in french, sometimes displaying a menu ~ anything goes! 
These are my words..."In the Garden of Life, you'll always find Beauty, if you look for it"...
My studio is on the move...It will reside in its own special place very soon. 
Under construction ..;)
the stain of pain (close-up) ~ 16 x 20 charcoal and coffee on canvas

This is a lovely vintage card table that I recently picked up. I just fell in love with it! I love the style of the legs and it looks like a very old oil painting. 
This photo was going to be titled: 'Pain Lives Here'...because among all the good happenings in my life, I am spending more and more time with my Chiropractor :((

in his office is a large print of Picasso's 'Blue Nude' and it along with my back pain ~ ugh!  inspired me to paint these...but I try never to dwell on the negative. 

coffee and charcoal on canvas when they wips (works-in-progress)
(crazy? I know, but I love my coffee :) 

me in b & w ...somebody needs a haircut ;)

Anyway, I hope to see you soon! I have not been able to make my round of visits and for that I am sorry. At times, life moves at such a wicked pace and weeks go by before you know it. I leave you with a smile and much love...
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Dulce said...

Hey YOU, beautiful lady, of beautiful pics and works of art...
My dearest twin

I am SO happy you come by if only once in a while, so I can get to know about you...
Lovely post, lovely photos (definitely U need a haircut-yes! LOL)
And your house!
What a beautiful, lovely full of calmness place that seems to be... How I'd love to have a few coffees (not just one) there with you!

Love you
Please do post a little more often, will you? {sniff}


Caio Fernandes said...

hi Calli ! i am happy to know that many wonderful things are happening with you .
sure your presence is missed . and i am not saying just for saying .
i loved the photos . beautiful things in all then .
keep having a great time .
just don't forget there is people here waiting for new fron you .

see you !

lilasvb said...

i love your coffee art and bw picture

steveroni said...

Calli, you are some cool-looking beautiful chica! I love absolutely the scenes from your home, (the waterfall-creek in the previous posting, the photos of yourself of COURSE! and the painting "Anna" But I like my Red Lady better.

She reminds me more of a piece of most generous YOU, who resides right here in my work room. And RED! YES!

If I already posted a comment, you may surely delete this one...

LOVE to see you back here, I'll just HAVE to write you now.

Zuzana said...

Lovely images (stunning of you); lovely lady in red and I love the idea of your chalk board.;)
I hope you will feel less stressed soon, but it seems like it is a stress of the good kind.;)

Susan Erickson said...

I like the patina idea...the sepia and black and white photo of you are lovely....and yes coffee makes a great patina too....

Serena said...

Sorry to hear you've been suffering a lot of pain lately. I hope the visits to the Chiropractor help.

Beautiful photos! I love the card table...what a great find!

Your works-in-progress is off to a great start. I've always loved the idea of painting with coffee after seeing a few coffee paintings by various yet, I haven't attempted it myself.

I'll look forward to seeing your new studio space. Much love to you also ~

Calli said...

Dulce, my beautiful friend, your comments always *send the love* :) Some day you will come visit and drink lots of coffee with me (your twin sister friend) Yes? OMG, do I ever need that haircut :) I took the scissors to it myself the other day, but barely touched it ~too busy to make an appointment...;)

Comments from you, Caio ALWAYS bring a smile. You are so generous and I can *feel* your energy each time you visit. Thanks so much! :)

lilasvb~ Oh, thank you very much!

Hahaha Steve, you are too funny! I don't know if I've ever been called a cool-looking beautiful chica before. That's very kind of you! You always bring a smile. Oh, and Anna, she speaks to me like Red speaks to you. I am happy to know RED resides with you.

Zuzana~ Missed seeing you and visiting you. I so appreciate your visits and comments. The chalk board is great fun. Sometimes it reads: Kids, CLEAN YOUR ROOMS! ~ love Mom...hehehe
I hope all is well in your world, Zuzana... xoxo

Hello Susan~ Good to see you here! Thank you very much. Yes, coffee creates a great patina!

Serena~ So sweet of you, thank you! Yes, I visit my Chiropractor often and hope to make progress soon. It soooo holds me back from creating and living to the fullest! I'll get there! I always do!

{To ALL ~ I will be making rounds. I am trying to squeeze in a couple hours to do just that!}

Until then...xoxo


so wonderful to "see" you and hear from you again, lady! congratulations on all things new and fabulous - and many caring thoughts for all things not - love love the coffeeworks!!! [even though i am not a coffee person] - i love the prints - and what a fabulous table - one that i would love to have gracing my own place - and the studio - know what you mean about in flux kind of - am hoping to get my space set up very soon - seems there are always unavoidable delays - in any event, totally wonderful to get your update - thanks for thinking of us!

Calli said...

Hi to you, lady Jenean~
Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. Yes, mostly good things happening but thank you for the comforting thoughts for the not so good things. You're a gem of a lady.
And, I just love antiquing. Got away from it for a few years and something led me back in. I love to find the *unexpected little treasures* that just seem to show up when I am looking for a particular item. My kids have also taken to it and beg me to go...

I am hoping on making my rounds on Thursday as tomorrow my new furniture is arriving :)

Until then...


just dropping by to say hello and hope you have a glorious weekend!!!

Lyrically speaking said...

love your page and the expressive art you have displayed...

Calli said...

Hi there, Jenean! Thanks for popping in. I had a great weekend, thanks! I hope your Mother's Day was love-filled and perfect.

Lyrically Speaking~ Such a lovely compliment, thank you very much! I will have to visit your place very soon. Hope to see you again.

*I am behind again posting and as soon as I can get the photos to upload, I have some new stuff to blog! My laptops usb port has been malfunctioning :(

Cynthia said...

Wonderful new blog Calli. The
sepia version of you is compelling.
Reminds me of a movie where the
herione gains color as she enters

And the portrait of Anna really
tickles my mind. I find her eyes
draw me in, as if she has something
profound to say.

Cool table, great washed out antique-ish feel and the board
is an awesome idea, to write the
days menu or simply a quote
to help you make it through
the day.

Thank you Calli for inviting
your readers into your home.

Calli said...

Cynthia, thanks so much! I am working (little by little) on changes around here and in my home...

I received your booklet a couple weeks ago and wanted to tell you how lovelyit is. I read it to my son and he said, "Mom, that is so sad"...and I replied "sad, but so beautiful ~ He now understands a little more about sadness carrying its own beauty.

Thank you for your always generous comments.

Cynthia said...

Hi Calli, just reading your
reply. I am thrilled you found
a connection to beauty and
sadness in my little poems.

And a special thank you for
reading the booklet to your son.

Please send me your address or
a post office box so that I may
send you part 2 of this experience.

{{{Happy Hugs}}}