Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bohemian Classic...

Just stepping in to say hello to those of you readers who did not get my update post on my other blog. Here's the link if you'd like to peek in: 
Shades of Grey
Speaking of other blogs, I am trying to come up with a way to merge the two. I am stuck. I love the background and concept and design on the poetry blog and love the clean lines of this one. This is a prime example of my aesthetic in design. I am eclectic and am drawn to a free-spirited bohemian way of decorating as well as to clean lines and simplicity. And, so as I merge these differing traits in my real life, I will attempt to do the same here.  I took a fun quiz once (can't find the link) that determined that I was a 'Bohemian Classic' as far as design goes. Um, yep, pretty much true.
If i haven't mentioned it before all things Design are my other love. I am drawn to this more and more. I love taking something old and making it new and even more beautiful. At times, I prefer to keep something in its old and worn state because its patina lends a warm and welcoming charm. My future projects will be where fashion meets fine art and where fine art meets design. Designs are in the works! That is my only hint. I just felt the need to shake things up a bit and take my creativity to a different level. I am still painting on a regular basis. I am also, if you read on my other blog, renovating and re-designing many rooms in my home. Unfortunately, I have taken on too much at one given time so I need to ease back a bit and go slower. I'd love to post pics of my happenings but my USB port(s) on my laptop are apparently malfunctioning and will not recognize my cameras. That will be rectified soon, I hope. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please do let me know.
For now I leave you with these...and one has nothing to do with the other ~ just random pics to peruse :)

These are my new accent chairs but this is not my photo. The chairs are much larger than they appear and darker in real life.........I love my chic accent chairs!!!
Just a *very old* watercolour painting of mine. I rarely work in watercolour now.

This was a lovely send from my awesome friend RO and I wanted to share it with YOU! See you soon~
© 2010 

peace sign pic and painting by me


Dulce said...

I love your ideas... they sound so much as Fen shui!

Love the work, the project you are on , dear friend. It's so attaractieve nd inviting and your taste is gorgeous!
thanks a lot for sharing.

Let me tell you this, maybe I should not? Yes, I will: I do not like dark grey...
this I tell you, *Because friends usually tell each other what they think* ... You know!!! :)

Love you

Zuzana said...

Bohemian Classic is something I can so relate to.;)
The idea of several blogs can be beneficial if the blogs are very constrained to a certain subject. I can imagine though that several blogs mean a lot more work.;) I can barely manage one.;)
Good luck with all your redecoration/re-designing projects.;) And thank you for your very kind recent comment, I always love when you visit.;)

Calli said...

Dulce, my dear friend. You are so good to me! Thanks so much! You know, I love Feng Shui and always try to apply those concepts/principals into my life and decor. BUT, you would laugh tho' at your twin if you knew that at this moment and for a very long time now, I am creating very inauspicious things in my life due to two broken doors on my home. The front door and the back door, which is such TERRIBLE Feng Shui. This does not allow the good chi to enter my home and totally hinders the flow. I could write a book about that right now, at least a very long chapter ;) I do need to fix those immediately.

Grey and Green are my two fave colours. I have a thing about grey, even if my blog name had nothing to do with shades of grey. But, I do need a revamp, but not sure the design. I love the grey on your blog, but then if I chose that then we'd truly be twins using the same colour background and all...;) (You'll have to tell me what template you have)...We'll see! And you know you can tell me anything! :) you~ xxoo

Zuzana~ Thanks so much and yes, I can see that you would relate to 'Bohemian Classic'...and we should start a club :) Having these two blogs has been tough and I wish there were a way to take all posts and merge them onto one. If it could be done, I think it would take forever...ugh! I hope to figure it all out as some of my projects wind down and some wind up. Thanks for the good luck as I need it!!!
I too love when you visit. Your place is always a joy.
Calli xxoo

by law i am extremely happy now !! said...

i never doubt of your sense of style .
the design of the blog is really classic . clean , a peasure to vosot .
your chair is great . i am jealous :D
lovely whater color , Calli .

i can see all together , blog , chair , watercolor , you ... this is all matching perfectly . a very well developed taste .

Calli said...

Oh, Caio~ Your comments are always so glowing! Thank you! At first, I was not sure it was you then that pic of you showed up and I knew. "There is Caio"...and I must come see what you are up to today. Have you been released from prison or something? hahahah ;) You are by law free? hmmm....interesting!

I'm on my way, as curiosity has gotten the better of me.


oh, wow, so many good and beautiful things going on for you and with you! love love love the chair - it would be fabulous in my own bedroom!! and who can not love bohemian classic EVERYthing!!! certainly i would pin you as that style/character - magnifico! love all your projects - please keep us posted and thanks so much for your visit - have a great weekend!

Calli said...

Jenean~ You leave such great comments, thank you! I so appreciate it!
You know, I loved the chair so much I bought a pair. In fact, I've never done this before but I bought them online. I had actually placed an order for another design when suddenly I decided against the originals and picked these with the tiger design instead. They're not the kind of chairs one spends a lot of time in but they sure are statement pieces! And, lady I would say you are also a Bohemian Classic :)

Have a gorgeous weekend!

Jingle said...

awesome thoughts,
Happy Sunday!

Calli said...

Welcome, Jingle! I so appreciate your visit and sweet comment. Hope to see you again soon!

Happy Memorial Day Monday!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I have to say I love that chair as well! Is it comfy to sit in? I suspect we have very similar tastes!

Calli said...

Hey Deb! I think the chair's comfy because of its firmness. It's good for the back! ...Since I bought these I have seen quite a few other designs that I would LOVE to have in my home, but I never want to over-do the *eclectic* factor :)But can one have too many chairs? ;)

I'll bet we do have similar tastes!

steveroni said...

NEVER! Ooops! (I mean Shhhhhh! whispering)..never can one have too many chairs. I counted 48 chairs in our house, where three of us should sit more, and enjoy tham.

Calli, Calli, how did I not know of "patine...?" THIS time I am really so ashamed--I absolutely LOVE this blog, something for EACH of me!!!

The photos of YOU tell me so much, your eyes speak of peace, and love, and WYSIWYG honesty.

And your lovely face shows the depth of love which is still in your soul, after having spent so much of that love on others. The supply here always exceeds the demand where real and true love is concerned .

PAIN LIVES HERE seems to me to reflect that pain in this piece, almost like "in the image and likeness"...

The CHAIR! The arms are perfect--low slung. It would be a "practice chair" for me...not "practice" as it practice sitting, but practicing the violin. Usually a chair has to have NO arms, but I like them, but ALWAYS wayyy too high. Besides it looks also comfortable, maybe NOT the kind in which to fall asleep.

I could go on, yep (sigh!) and talk about how much I appreciate your taste in decor, art AND artifacts, but "enough is enough"???
Again, Calli.
from Steve

Calli said...

Goodness, Steve, what can I say to all of that!...except,Thanks!

You're such a wonderful friend. You haven't missed a thing, really. Patina is just the new name for the previous Garahstah blog. I have been tweaking it when I can, but I am not sure I like the new *design* option around here. It will change again, of that I am certain :)
Thank you very much for your oh so lovely comments. I appreciate you, Mr. and always look forward to your visits. I have been very absent here and with visiting others blogs ~ sorry for that but have been super busy.

I have wanted to post but the laptop usb ports are still not functioning and I don't have the time or inclination to sit and wait in some *tech* queue for answers. But, alas I have to because how else can I publish new paintings and truly keep in touch with my blogs? right...

Hope your having a great start to Summer, Steve! We will catch up soon.

from Calli

ps~I do believe that style chair would be a perfect match for your practicing your violin! ...and 48 chairs? huh? ;)

Cynthia said...

Love the painting with the Kanji
symbols and how the column represents the spine.

The painting of yourself is a
stunner - your eyes express so
much emotion - self-awareness,
love and a pensive quality.
Divine flowers.

Open work screens are a favorite
of mine- nice and airy.

Very soothing painting of the
lake - great for meditation.

Thank you for sharing, Calli.