Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flights of Fancy?...No way!

In a secret place
a heavily guarded fortress for one
designed and implemented
to protect
to serve
An inner chastity belt ~ tightly secured.

 all the while...
the breeze wisps by and speaks loudly and with authority!
"It is open to you!
You must believe"!

"There is no war between two"

"There is no winner or loser"

"Only a right ONE, a right CHOICE".

Solace disturbed by this breeze that speaks as if it knows
what the heart does not. Penetration, regardless of chastity.
Damn this disturbance...damn this! The breeze is simply wrong,
naive, even feeble minded.

I just want to rest!

The breeze wisps by again and says, even more loudly and with even more authority!
"You have been loved with promises and where did that get you"?

"You must know your dreams will come true".
"You've done your part so yes, rest now but know it shall be done and soon".
"Time is the only delay".

"Rest now, for you will need all the energy you can muster"...

Still uncertain as to the breeze's knowledge and message;
skepticism remains.

after a lengthy sleep and soothing rest...

This heart opens like a blooming flower
Full with Fever!

Yet opening gently ~ carefully.
Can this be?
I can just be?

An affirmative, resounding 'YES' comes from far off in the distance
followed by...
"We will find
no boundaries,
no hindrances,
no confused emotions or intentions on my part or yours, my beloved.
Things that were issues in our respective pasts are just that ~ past.
They need not plague the love we are about to embark on.
Walls will crumble and fall".
"We will both be FREE~ to just BE".

"This, you and I have designed together...
and together we will  BE".

~AMEN to that! ;)

© 2010

image source: KnightsTreasure_LG2
I'm so sure I've used this image before but funny after my words were written I came across this pic again and low & behold...it fits perfectly!
 * Gotta love fairy tales because they can and do come true! ...

for a cute little fantasy click here: 
from the French film 'Happily Ever After' ....I just LOVE Johnny's smile/grin ~ it's so hot! and what a cameo role for him! Loved it!  ;)

*Once again, I have been an absent blogger. I'm not even sure I can call myself a blogger these days.    I am still so busy plus my laptop and connection have been
challenging me big time. I can't upload any new paintings or pics because my laptop usb ports are apparently shot.  But I wanted to make sure to pop in to say Hello!
Still renovating. Still setting up my new Studio. Still painting and working diligently on my new *secret* projects. I cannot wait for the reveal of those, at least in part at some point before September. 

....And,  Still missing you guys! 


Brian Miller said...

hey there...thanks for popping in...what a tle in the prose and so glad it ended well with the opening flower...look forward to your projects and see you around again soon...


oh, dear calli - how absolutely magnificently beautiful - and i could FEEL every word and nuance - a beautiful beautiful piece - your words always seem to come from my own heart -

visiting your lovely blog is the highlight of my day today!! thank you!

have a glorious weekend!

Calli said...

Hey Brian~ Thanks so much! They have to end well, at least in my book ;)...

Such timing we've had today lady! Love when that happens.
You've made my day today with your lovely and generous words! So, thank you in return. Yes, have a smashing weekend!

Dulce said...

Oh- My dear twin!

this post is 10 out of ten... in every single word,in all its sense, HOPE is the word for your poem
But then the video... so beautiful... it almost felt as real... But again she misses, she loses, she gets him NOT. That's the sense I get out of it, out of a life as such (mine)... But- of course I must keep on... And get to believe my dream will some day come true. If only that breeze spoke to me too!

Love you lots girrrl!


Nevine said...

Calli, you disappear for far too long... but I know blogging is so demanding... and we all have life that calls with far important things to do. Still, it's good to see you here and there and a little bit everywhere every once in a great while. And it's so so so good to read your writing that comes from deep inside the heart... your heart... and resounds.

Even if you are not blogging... keep writing and painting and creating... And keep smiling, too. That is what keeps us sane!


Calli said...

Dulce~ YOU are the sweetest friend. Your generous words always make me feel happy!

The thing about us is that we feel SO strongly. We are impassioned people. Sometimes we think we have lost in love but in the end I believe after all the trials with the wrong people, the right one comes along. The right one at the right time. Call me crazy but I think that's our relationship karma, you know?
So you listen for that *breeze*...got it girl?
hugs~ xxoo

I love when you visit, Nevine. You are so good at making people feel good! You have that way about you and I hope you know how much you're appreciated.
I do wish I could keep up with blogging but yes, life takes over. Right now I am sitting on my deck enjoying a most welcome breeze while catching up with responses.
Yes, I will continue to create in all forms (you too) and you are so right that THAT is what keeps us creative's sane. I am almost always *smiling*...see you soon! xxoo

Cynthia said...

Hi Calli, well worth the wait.
I admire how you weave in the
spiritual with the sensual.
Both feelings and thoughts affirm
life and love. Your tender words
speak to the heart of all romantics
and spiritual beings. Thank you.

Hoping you will order by booklet:


Calli said...

I will definitely be ordering your booklet, Cynthia! I can't wait to see it and read your words. My favourite colour is Green :)~ thank you so much!

I so appreciate your lovely comments. I am not always aware of my weaving the spiritual and the sensual but it often becomes apparent after I have written, which in this case and in many of my writings tells me that my *intuition* is often what guides my pen.

Have a perfect holiday! xxoo

mommy's little poo said...

this is beautiful . the poem of fredom and security ....
wonderful how you were able to catch colective dreans and needs and translat so well to words .

Calli said...

Hello Caio~ You are like a Chameleon these days; ever changing, ever evolving ;)
...Such a lovely comment my friend, many thank you's sent your way!
Hope your weekend has been great!!! xx

Superfluous Brunette said...

Amen to that...that we will be free and allowed to just be! That disturbing breeze, how we try to run from it, not listen to it and that is when it does become more relentless. It does seem to know more than the heart. I think it is trying to wake us up to our soul. On our side, but we don't know it yet because it can be so disturbing, sometimes even destructive as it sweeps through and takes things from our lives that we hold dear...but that we ultimately must let go of.

Love your poetry, as always!! Enjoy the Summer.


Calli said...

Hey Kim! You're a sweetheart! I so agree with what you said and thanks a million for your kind words!

You have a great summer too!!!
Mine has started out *beautifully* and I cannot ask for more than that ;)


wylde otse said...

A modern day fairy tale :o)

Thank you Calli !

btw...this popped into my head yesterday (for your blog)

A small kindness opens a wide heaven


Calli said...

What a lovely thing to say! "a small kindness opens a wide heaven"...I love it! It's so heartfelt.

many thanks to you, wylde oats :)