Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh Hey 2011

Amazing that it's already the year 2011. Happy New Year to all of you!!! In 2010 I had a virtually non-existent blogging year. I had not planned it that way. I also didn't plan to be away for the last four months in a row, yikes, but life has been busy in good ways :).... Okay, enough of that. My wish for all of you is that you experience a year filled with LOVE, joy, prosperity and good health. I want all those things for you but also I want you to have a great year for self-expression and creativity!!! I want the same for myself. This is why we blog. This is why we write and why we paint and why we do what we do. This is how we express our needs, desires, but most importantly our individuality and our essence. What can be better than that!

I hope to visit all of you and be back here much more often in the new year. Forgive my absence. And one more thing, while it's tradition to make resolutions this time of year, let's not forget to acknowledge what we have accomplished in the past year. Each day we live, we learn, we grow and we're getting better all the time, so celebrate it! Celebrate YOU! Gratitude is a must for ourselves and for those we love and for those we will love in the new year!

Magical blessings my friends and much love!


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Bonnie said...

And the same for you dear, beautiful (and missed) Calli!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Wow! I was just thinking of you yesterday, wondering what you were up to. Good to see you here.
Happy New Year to you Calli!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Calli... I've missed you and noticed! Has your muse been on vacation? If so, I have a special little something I want to send you!

Caio Fern said...

Hello Calli !
yes , you could be more present during the year of 2010, but I am happy to know it was for a good reasons, busy in a good way.
Let's have a great 2011 with all your wishes happening !

Dulce said...

Oh my twin... can i still call you so? hummm- of course I can!
This has brought a big smile to my face, it's like a blessed gift to see you blogging
I really hope you can start showing us that beautiful creativity of yours... yes, we are artists and as such need to create and express ourselves as we go...
Happy New Year
Wishing all your dreams,(BTW so near reality) come true

warm hugs my dear Calli


Noelle said...

Happy New Year and welcome back!

Don Carlo said...

Calli, Calli, Calli! Each time we 'connect' I say to myself that it will never again be so much time lapse between cyber-meetings.

Accepting your "Magical blessings and much love" with happiness and contentment......

And I KNOW from experience that you are a 'giving' person.


Brian Miller said...

hope you had a great new year...and yes looking back is a good thing as long as we keep moving forward...

Shadow said...

hey calli! and hey 2011! and i hope the new year turns out just right for you!!!

Calli said...

Bonnie~ That was so sweet of you! So good to see you...and thank you!

Hi Deb~ That is awesome. I love when that happens. Thanks so much!

Cori~ It has been awhile, missed you too. My writing muse has been finicky, but I have been painting up a storm!... I love special little somethings, especially ones that awaken the muse or at least give a good nudge. Thx, I look forward to it :)

Oh Caio~ So wonderful, as always to see you. You are always so upbeat ~ I love that! We are going to have a fabulous year!!! Let's create up a storm! ...Thx!

My Twin, Dulce, you are too much, of course, you can still call me twin :) You are like a ray of canary island sunshine and I love each time you visit and you always inspire me to do more, and to draw out that 'creativity'...Thank you for that! And, you are a dear and generous friend always. Much love in the new year!

So good to see you Noelle. I think it is going to be a rockin' year for all of us!

Thank you for your visit, Don Carlo. I do not recall your visiting before. Welcome to my blog. I hope to wake it up a bit in 2011! It's been asleep for quite sometime. I'll stop by your blog...soon.

Hello Brian! I agree, we need to keep it moving forward...Change is what it's all about :) Great to see you!

Shadow~ Thank you Girl! and Wow, I have not seen you in many moons. Sorry for that. I want so much to be able to spend more time visiting. I miss your writing.

To all: My internet was down...go figure, so I hope to be paying some visits soon.

Again, Happy New Year!!!