Thursday, August 26, 2010

puzzle pieces fall together...

there was that moment when all the benign pieces fell into place.
the vague nuances lit clear

in an instant reality set in

yet it felt like if one misstep ~ poof, it could all disappear

started out with a 'crash'
cosmic combustion
allied forces you and me
unknowns in this game

subtleties here, there, everywhere
then silence
no movement
...albeit intentional
a girl's got to take time to receive,
process, that's how she rolls.

wonderings multiplied
spread like wildfire
who? what? does he?
doesn't he?

a game
a chance at testing the proverbial waters
oh, but such beautiful waters
and eyes so blue

to be a slave to one's own heart,
to dance
this dance with soul; a fated soul
long lost, then found

oh such a place
designing this;  this business of beauty, of love

creating a pair out of the singular

having a wish
a want
a desire to move forward, always forward
 at times, at a snails pace
at times, like a rushing whitewater rapid
that threatens to engulf ever so completely
drowning all that has been or  will ever be

the magnet drawing closer
the magnet had a name
it was calling out to another
who also had a name

a joy this dance of love
a gift
possibilities stirring the sweet senses

the no-nonsense I must have you now!

but am told waiting is a necessity

but I will wait
you are worth the wait

and if it all leads to you
I would die in the arms of uncertainty
letting fate tell a timeless tale
I'd relive each & every moment
again and again
the heartaches, the pain
as long as it leads to you.

for it is you whom i was fated
for it is you my soul chose so long ago
it is you that ripens my desire, my destiny
and catapults it into the stratosphere

we do this for each other
because We are Two, lying in wait

 fated to be One.

© 2010
image source:  Born to be Alive_tumblr

final trip pics here: the patina of a life expressed...


Brian Miller said...

oh this is a wonderous playful piece. two destined to be one...all the longing and it enough to make it happen? smiles.

Gerry Boyd said...

welcome back. the texture of this is very rich yet concrete enough that I think it really communicates well. you've deftly skated on the thin ice of cliche but you haven't fallen in. a nice delicate write.

Opaque said...

Can relate to this...

Printemps said...

love it...!

dulce said...

My dear twin,
I admire your patience...
I would have already ruined it by doing something stupid, and so lose any possibilities... well, that I must say, is what I used to do...
But! Years teach you something,at least- knowing how much and long to wait, so that eventually life compensates...
I hope you get it soon though! ;)

Lovely words, Calli!!!


Nevine said...

Calli, I loved the optimism of this write. I loved the "slave to one's own heart" because one does have to be a slave to something, and what better than one's heart, which always brings us the highest emotion, whether it be joy or pain. And I loved, too, the changing nature of the desire... how it sometimes rushed... and sometimes was more lingering... and slow. That is how we feel and emote love. And you are the poetess of love... in all of its nuances.

Every time I visit... and read... you... Calli... I leave with a smile... and feeling soothed. Lovely and magical, truly!


spottedwolf said...

nice Calli....nicely done.....sez it all.

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Simply powerful piece!
Loved this poem, Calli..can relate to this one. All the longing.. that your piece reflects brings me so wonderful memories..Love the optimistic side of the have a way with words!

Hope your Sunday is going well

B xx


well, if anyone on the planet can relate to your magnificent words here, it is i - the story - the all - and yours told so beautifully, calli! mesmerizing! felt as if you were telling one of my own little stories, actually, having been there done that - and the emotions as if you'd plucked them from my own soul! have so missed being able to come by your magical little corner of the universe here - please do forgive and know that dire family circumstances of late have taken my time and energies in many many ways - but i always check my sidebar to see what new and exciting things await me here! have a glorious day, dear lady!

Cynthia said...

Oh! Calli, I loved being inside the
dancing, ethereal heart of your
poem. Such magic you create in the
name of pure love.
Yes, at times at a snail's pace and
at other time like whitewater rapid.
And ah the sweet waiting...sublime
expectation and faith.

Thank you for this gem to remind
us all of what love can be.

Craftsman of light said...

i've come here before knowingly and unknowingly,
i went through your earlier posts, and then came again, read some more, and then came again....and all of a sudden i found myself within the shades of grey....

Love your art too!
Besides,' Calli ' is a wonderful name.

Dulce said...

Missing you...sister :(

SarahA said...

I can feel the tug inside of me, reading your words written. It's that trust/patience thingy, isn't it? I am liking the:

'started out with a 'crash'
cosmic combustion
allied forces you and me
unknowns in this game'


Nevine said...

Dear Calli,

I just wanted to swing by and wish you a beautiful holiday season. May these few days come with blessings for you and yours... blessings for next year... and all the years to come.


Craftsman of light said...

a beautiful christmas to You, Calli!

Khaled KEM said...

Hi Calli,

I hope that you are doing fine. I wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy and wonderful new year.

All the best and waiting to read and enjoy your posts and arts.


Craftsman of light said...

May the light follw and dance with you in brilliant ways!

i wish you a lot of creativity,that you may be enriched abundantly!
And may each word lead me to your beautiful shades of your soul!

Let heaven bubble in your heart!

Calli, A very wonderful New year to You!
hugging you warmly.