Tuesday, June 1, 2010

just dreaming me some sunshine and mini travels...

With the holiday weekend behind us I find myself dreaming (what else is new ;) of traveling;
of seeking, searching and capturing with my mind's eye, heart and camera ~ LIFE. The sun will not shine today but I simply love days like this. Puts me in a dreamy state. The birds are chirping and the sounds of the season are among us.  I was going through photos this morning doing some research and came upon so many that inspire me to live life more fully;  to engage when my heart desires something new. I have been so one-track minded these days and so determined to wind down some projects, that I left my free-spirited bohemian soul-self, at the curb. She needs to spread her wings. She needs a good old-fashioned road-trip equipped with camera equipment, sandals and a cooler packed with fresh fruit, and other road-trip, hands-on-the-steering-wheel-worthy-food. That would include a pack of red licorice and let's not forget my thermos of coffee, preferably a StarBucks French Roast Intensely Smoky X-Bold blend. Warning: That stuff is wicked strong so you best love coffee enough to chew on beans themselves or not have an issue with growing hair on your chest ;) cuz you're in for an experience. Back to the road-trip. It's nearing time. As soon as the kids go on vacation with their Dad, I'm off to blue skies, my beloved Green Mountains and some serious fave spot hopping. The Desert was calling but I think I prefer New England travels this go around.
~ Here's a lovely place that I hope hasn't changed one iota since I was last there. 
This is a gorgeous bistro with an old world ambiance. Many fond memories of this place. ........in downtown, Burlington, VT

Lake Champlain facing our gorgeous New York, Adirondack Mountains.
and once I hit the road and begin exploring maybe sweet surprises will be discovered along the way.  One never knows...;)

I'm mean let's face it, if we're not open to such experiences what is the use of living. I need to shake things up but my number one rule...Safety First! I am hyper-vigilant! One must be as a parent and as a single woman in the world.  I mean hey, there are a lot of sick and dangerous people out there.
 I need to take along a travel journal this time around. I always come across these little tiny out of the way charming towns or antique shops and then forget how I got there. I am never worried tho' about getting lost as the main roads are pretty easy to navigate but isn't that the fun of traveling when you can simply EXPLORE; taking the road less traveled, cliche' ? maybe, but true! 
While dreaming of Burlington, there was a time when I wanted to relocate there, more than anything. I think the only thing that stopped me was that my eldest daughter was still quite young and us being on our own after a wicked break up felt a bit overwhelming. I have always had an independent streak but at times, would not or could not attempt to come out of my comfort zone. But I just fell in love with the atmosphere there. Ideally, to live nearby in the country with Burlington just mere minutes away would be perfect. The first time I looked up at those lovely old buildings on Church Street, I saw an artist working at their easel at night with the light on and realized what a vibrant, lovely place to create; overlooking the quaint, cobblestone street with  eccentric mimes and street musicians below. It's so peaceful at night, couples walking hand-in-hand browsing store fronts, sipping cappuccino's on patio's of some very jazzy places, like the aforementioned Bistro;) ...Oh, and, the restaurants there are so great!There is a fantastic, palpable atmosphere which totally draws me in. You know that scene in movies where many friends, misfits and the like come together to share great wine and delectable food, well that is the atmosphere in Burlington. So inviting. So eclectic. Very diverse and many creative people. Right up my alley.  Perhaps, if I lived there it would lose some of its charm, but probably not. I have a country heart with the inner energy of a city girl and in Burlington, I have met my match. Ahh, to dream.  No other place has given me the same inner feeling of joy that I simply have never been able to put into words. Just the mere *thought* of this place gives me that feeling. It is a transcendental experience within and gives me a sense of knowing; of belonging, that I cherish.  Maybe when my youngest kids are grown? I never rule anything out. 

I hope all my American friends had a fun Memorial day and that all of our soldiers, past, present and future, heard our praise  and prayers.
God Bless America! 

Until next time...

© 2010
image source: theres_a_thunder_in_our_hearts_baby_tumblr



oh, a kindred gypsyspirit for sure! cannot tell you how i love road trips! i'm always always up for one! trekkin' my way this way and that - basket of fresh fruit and water in the front seat beside me - van the man croonin' his sweet songs to only me - or maybe just the sound of the wind and the sun against my face - ah, be still my heart!!!

Brian Miller said...

very cool. hope that dream comes true for you. it sounds a wonderful place...i need a road trip, though i have no destination in mind, and i think that might just be alright...

Calli said...

Oh, Jenean, how on earth could I have left Van out of that equation?! Is there any better road trip music?!! ah, be still my heart!!!

Great to see you!!! :)

Caio Fernandes said...

what a lovely post .... this really makes feel like to live .

thank you Calli !

Calli said...

It will Brian! I am VT Bound that has been my motto for years ;) and the trips sans destination in mind, are some of the very best! I hope you get your road trip! *smiles

Caio~ THAT makes me so happy to hear! I thank YOU for coming to see me and always leaving a smile inducing comment :)

I hope to visit all of you later today!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Calli - that sounds like a perfect vacation. just hitting the road and exploring.

I think I need one of those soon, too!

have great fun and adventure!

steveroni said...

Calli, CALLI! And *I* need a road trip. I feel a "Scooter" trip coming up mid-August.

YOUR trip sounds similar--willing to trod whichever path opens itself. Oh great day! I hope, nay--I KNOW you will have a wonderful respite from the everyday stuff which life seems to hand us.

OR we hand it! May God be your co-pilot, and guide you to expect and accept the unexpected.

Dulce said...

You present this place so brightly, so inviting. New England... WOW if only one day I dared go there!

Who knows

Lovely pics and post. It's always so nice to see you back!

Hugs and smiles Twin!

Calli said...

Hey, Deb! I cannot wait! and I hope you take your road trip as well!!!

Steve~ Thanks dearest! You know I will always have a watchful eye/soul/spirit on my solo adventures. The solo aspect is the very best! Too bad I am still in the *dreaming* phase as I cannot leave till mid July :( But you can bet I am dreaming, planning and dreaming some more...;)

Dulce~ One day I hope you can visit New England as it is not far from me. I have driven it in 6 hours. You can go there *after* you come visit me!!! Happy you liked the pics and post.
Always a joy to see my other Twin! xxoo

Cynthia said...

I know in my heart you will live
your dream. It must be so wonderful
to find a place that honors your

P.S. Oh my gosh, I love the outfit the girl in the picture
is wearing. I can be a real
hippie myself.