Tuesday, June 8, 2010

empty frames...

empty frames
overlap against paneled walls

once held images of a life within
and now, weather worn without

they've seen better days
memories shaped, lives lived
and so remain

a patina
that ceases to tell individual stories
though volumes adhered
to every pore of their time worn wood

their vintage charm holds a sense of pleasure, pain,
joy and deep sadness

imprints from another place and time

empty frames overlap against freshly painted walls
in anticipation of new memories, fashioned, captured
then treasured...
by US

image source: google search

© 2010


Brian Miller said...

empty picture frames say a lot...
hope you are enjoying the summer..

Dulce said...

This is past, present and future again, but that future is so brightly anticipated.That's full of hope. Great projects I see here, my twin girl.

Lots of love and hugs ;)

King of New York Hacks said...

As empty chairs at empty tables are eventually occupied, so shall the empty frames of the future be filled with, as Dulce said...Hope.



hmmmm...beautiful "empty" frames - full of promise - lovely post!!!

Cynthia said...

Hi Calli, a haunting poem to match
the haunting image of an empty
frame. I like the anticipation
of new memories to come.

steveroni said...

Boy, do I ever owe YOU some words or not? I do not remember being here for a blong time.

Often I wonder if you have a chance to read some of my posts...only because there is so much of YOU in them.

If you recall--no, you do not?--grin!
it was in fall of '08 and you were fairly regular on the blogs then--and time and again we had so many moments of like-thoughts (on our blogs)...and here we are, each dream-planning a get-away (I call mine "Ride for Freedom" LOL!

Anyway, I love your post--the creation is in the doing, again in the reading--I believe.

Picture frames are similar to me to the framing of a building, the planning of a poem or prose, the constructive outlines of a symphony, string quartet, or the lines, boundaries of a painting--Callio, YOU know what I mean!

I will be in touch with you, I've been BAD in that regard. But know now that life goes on and it is sweet in nature.

I know JUST how much you will enjoy going "you-know-not-where-for-sure" and greeting all who you are meeting on any given day, any given venue. Sorry I wrote so much--(not REALLY sorry!!!) and be a happy Peep, for there is much our here for you and all...
Love you, Calli-Peep.

Calli said...

Thank you to Brian, Twin Dulce, King of New York Hacks, Gypsywoman, Cynthia and Steve and welcome sir from King of New York Hacks!
I appreciate all of your comments and you are very generous. I feel completely lacking in my writing of late, but truth be told, I am so otherwise occupied it is hard to write.

And, Steve, thank you for that lovely comment. You are a dear and you have not been bad. We get busy. It's summer!:) We have traveling to do and exploring! ...We will talk very soon! Love you lots! xxoo

Nevine said...

How very sad these words are, Calli. But in the end, always, with you, there is hope in the anticipation of good things to come. That is why reading you is such an inspiration!

steveroni said...

Going back to your blog...to see what ELSE I have missed--Re: HERE

God, have I been missing you, woman..."mea culpa, mea culpa...and yes, mea maxima culpa".

Opaque said...

Bitter truth and sadness in this one. Yet, for some reason, I can swallow it.

Scribblers Inc said...

extremely cool blog and very fancy poetry..two thumbs up! :)

Scribblers Inc.

Calli said...

Oh, Nevine, such a lovely thing to say. I am so sorry I did not respond to it earlier. In fact, I thought I had. You're so sweet! Thank you, Nevine!

Steve~ I thank you, Mr. I responded via the other blog to you. Hope you had seen that.

Opaque~ Weloome and thank you for such a nice comment and for visiting.

Why thank you, Scribblers, Inc! Your comment is so appreciated. Hope you'll visit again.

To all~ I am sorry for being so absent these days. Truly have had no time and internet/technical issues on top of a busy life. But, know that I miss all of you and plan to visit in the next couple of weeks with some NEW STUFF.

Hope you're all enjoying this most beautiful of summers!!!

Dean said...

This was perfect!