Monday, July 26, 2010

Paintings and Patina's ...

It has been a long time and much to catch up on...This is the painting that I did for my Chiropractor's office a few months ago. They're Kanji script symbols for Energy, Peace, and Love (Love being my fave ~I will probably have this tattoo one day). This is not the best photo but the painting glows where it resides. His office is somewhat Zenlike and I wanted to create something that is an expression of what he does. An exceptional chiropractor blends a number of modalities into his work and this is reflected in the painting; the flow of energy along the meridian or spinal column. Peace because there is a feeling of peace after one has had adjustments done (if only temporary) and Love because love is the basis of all things to include healing...:)

 12 x 12 mixed media on canvas

You may remember my published self-portrait where I have also painted the Kanji Script symbol for LOVE. Maybe, I'll skip the tattoo idea and just keep putting it in my paintings ;) She sits in my foyer.

she is a work in progress ~ 30 x 40 mixed media on canvas

This is my new screen that I found in an antique shop in Hammondsport weeks ago. It is PERFECT in my dining room, tho' it was not my original intent to place it there. It needs a good cleaning and polishing, but for under $50 ~ A fortunate find indeed!

This is an abstract that I finished prior to my trip, also painted with no intention of the outcome...These are usually my favourite paintings.

 18 x 24 mixed media on canvas ~ note: my good friend Anna who lives just outside of Seattle, said that this painting would do very well there. She said, "I imagine myself sitting at the lakes edge in my hiking boots taking in the view"...nice description Anna!

16 x 20 acrylic on canvas

Here is a nude that I also painted with no intention if its outcome. She looks so much better in person. I was painting with feeling and not at all concerned with exactness of anatomy, form etc. My new fab find is an unbleached white paint and I simply love it!
...and so I hope you enjoyed catching up a bit. I will be back to post several photos from my recent trip to Vermont. You'll enjoy, I promise! And, if you'd like please visit Shades of Grey soon for some poetry that sat in my edits since last year and called out to be published.

much love~
© 2010 


steveroni said...


Maybe I will be the first commenter here to tell you I sit in open-mouthed WONDER at these pieces you present on this post. Such PLEASURE to view these, and realize with Pride, that I have/had, and still have a connection with the creator, dear artist-friend CALLI!

Promises are made to be broken, but this one will NOT! I promise to send a note your way before Wednesday evening. PROMISE!

Zuzana said...

Dear Calli, welcome back, I am sorry it took me some time to visit you as I have been having family staying with me and am now trying to catch up.;))
I LOVE everything. Particularly the screen. What a stunning piece an I love the whole composition of the shot, what a tranquil place in your home. I would love a screen like that to shield off my large window.
I hope you are having a lovely Sunday,