Thursday, January 15, 2009


Defeat, despair, emotional turmoil, a crisis of faith; we all go through these moments at one time or another. If we are defeated then it implies that we have indeed put up a good fight, does it not? I think we tend to be hard on ourselves and don't give ourselves enough credit when we manage through the hard times. Self-love, self-care, self-respect, self-preservation; all necessary to survival. The key to always remember is that we do persevere, we are strong, we will survive and "this too shall pass."

~Calli © 2009

image source: Sconfitta by William Blake

*Sconfitta is the Italian word for Defeat


Noelle said...

so true, yet so easy to forget as we beat ourselves up.

Rainbow dreams said...

Great thoughts, wise words

so true, even in the darkest times, the reassurance that they too shall pass.

ps, out of any language I would like to learn it would have to be Italian...


Calli said...

Noelle~ Yes, and we need to constantly remind ourselves

Katie~ So good to see you've visited again. Thank you for the lovely comments...And, Italian would be such a great language to learn.

Scott Ennis said...

You chose a Blake image. :)
This one moves me because it is god kneeling in defeat before his own creation. I have done the same at times before my own creations. We like to think of the divinity of joy and happiness, but how often do we consider the divinity of defeat and despair?