Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the eternal optimist...

As I look back on 2008 and on the present, I feel optimistic that this year 2009 will be a wonderful extension of a journey, one of my choosing, and one of joy. I have been told many a time that I look at life through rose-coloured glasses and my response is, "yes, but I feel I have the far better view." Better in the sense that it is a positive vs. a pessimistic view. Pessimism is an easy trap, I know, I've lived that, but the best thing we can do in this troubled world and troubled times is to share our positive thoughts and energy and prayers and in turn it changes us, makes us more positive and if enough of us live like this, the vibrations of all cannot help but be lifted. Like attracts like. Goodness begets goodness. It's all good. And, know this, I am not forgetting the fact that we all have our pains, our sorrows, I am simply stating that we need to set that aside and put our thoughts consistently in a better place. I know that is a difficult thing for many, but it works. I have used affirmative prayer for a long time now. The mind is a wondrous thing. We are mind, the mind of God, we are an expression of God so therefore we have the power of God and his grace within us to create; create life, create a more positive existence for ourselves and for others. A glowing and beautiful presence is necessary. It is healing and a simple way to give to the world. It is all possible and I will leave you with an affirmative prayer, a meditation, if you will:

I sit here in the presence of goodness, of kind, knowing in my heart and in my soul I am in partnership with God and am therefore capable and able through my God given gift of free-will, to help create positive energy in this world. My life is a gift and a gift to be shared with as many souls as I can. I am in control of this. I spend my energy on goodness, and in kind and in doing so feel I am doing my part in lifting the energy of a burdened world. For those that are in a position of not having choice, my heart is with you and the shoulder of the universe and God are there for you as well. Be still in the peace and grace of God. We can be the change we wish for in this world. And so it is!

~ Calli © 2009

I know God is many things to many people. I use the term God most of the time. I was raised and baptized a Catholic and have always referred to God as God. God is known by many names: Universal Mind, Higher Power, Spirit, God-Mind, The Father within, et al. I am not intending to offend or impose my beliefs on anyone. I am just feeling this is a New Year and I am setting my intentions in a more positive direction. From an ancient vedic seer: "The world is as we are."

An excerpt taken as food for thought from a wonderful book by Deepak Chopra called: How To Know God ~ The Soul's Journey Into The Mystery of Mysteries.

In the midst of danger, you suddenly feel cared for and protected.

Spirit is being revealed through fight or flight.

You deeply fear a crisis in your personal life, but when it comes, you experience a sudden calm.

Spirit is being revealed through restful awareness.

A stranger makes you feel a sudden rush of love.

Spirit is being revealed through the visionary response.

An infant or young child looks into your eyes, and for a second you believe that an old soul is looking at you.

Spirit is being revealed through intuition.

Looking at the sky, you have a sense of infinite space.

Spirit is being revealed through unity.

*This is a reminder to open our eyes and use our five senses and beyond that, use our God sense and maybe take a look at life through rose-coloured glasses.

image source: Optimism by LevT


steveroni said...

Calli, you words, "share our positive thoughts and energy and prayers and in turn it changes us, makes us more positive and if enough of us live like this, the vibrations of all cannot help but be lifted. Like attracts like. Goodness begets goodness."

Oh! "Therein lies the truth"!

Also, C, I do not wish to diminish in any way, your excellent work in this blog. BUT I have thought to sum it for myself, and it looked like this:

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." - Mahatma Gandhi

I LOVE IT ALL! Thank you, Calli,
Steve E.

A'Jay said...

Truthfully Calli, I need to think this one over...

I don't believe goodness begets goodness... that would then mean those who are being hurt (Gaza) have bought that on themselves that somehow they have been bad in the past.... I believe the goodness I show in this life, will follow me to the next (karma) that is thought or actions...

I believe in positive energy (or prayer) and that we can channel that to where its needed.

I believe we can make our minds and environments more positive, and rose coloured glasses... is better than dull vision ... if one sees the world in the colour of rose, it may lift someone who is seeing little colour in their day... beautiful post Calli

Calli said...

Steve~ You have not diminished a thing as Gandhi's quote is a wonderful addition to my post, thank you very much!

Calli said...

Oh A'Jay, Wish I had more time to respond right now but hopefully I can go further in detail in a new post. When I used the term begets I am referring to exactly that, karma,(good)karma in this case. But we all know the law of karma works for both good and bad. Gaza, for me, brings up so many thoughts and possible explanations, but all I will say now is that throughout our history, all atrocities that have occurred, such as the holocaust, etc, the only explanation for any of it, for me, is the law of karma. In those cases I believe it took the most courageous and special of souls who on (a soul level) chose to experience these atrocities for whatever reason. Possibly for the purpose of soul growth. Possibly for the reason of correcting karma that stemmed from another lifetime. We don't really know for sure and I know some people may find that absurd, but we are all entitled to our beliefs, but what other explanation for disease, for the deaths of children who absolutely hadn't done anything wrong in this world. Look at the beautiful disabled people in this world that to me are truly the gifted ones in heart and soul and they have a soul wisdom like no other. I could go on and on, but I will have to post more later.

Thank you very much AJay for your insight and kind comments.

January 6, 2009 3:43 PM
Blogger Calli said...continued...

Earlier when I wrote: "the only explanation for any of it, for me, is the law of karma," what I meant to add, was the law of karma in direct relation to the cycle of reincarnation. I don't feel that we live only one lifetime. I think we have any number of lifetimes and that the entire cycle of incarnating that we go through, is what we do as an expression of God. Ultimately we attain a level of enlightenment or soul growth. If we ever get to that point, God only knows. The WHY behind this is also a mystery that one day, we, on a soul level hopefully will be privy to. I also believe that evil and wrong doing in this world stems from our humanness, is man created and is the ill use of our free-will. I hope I am being clear here and I don't wish to stir any big debate because this is not what my blog is about, but this does get one thinking and that's important in itself.

steveroni said...

Hey, Calli...just a thought! (Ha! That's *always* been my problem--thinking!) I call God "God", not only because that's what I learned as a catholic in earlier times--but because that's His NAME! (I know you knew that -grin)

I call you "Calli" because as far as I know, that's your name...I don't call you Maria, although that is also a very beautiful name.
Steve E.

Calli said...

Thanks again Steve for visiting and commenting.

We tend to hold to certain traditions in life, but somehow I think what matters most to God is whether his spirit is in our hearts or not and as long as we hold God within, I don't feel he minds a bit what we call him, as long as it's with respect!

P.S. Calli is my nickname :)

A'Jay said...

You are being clear Calli and we share the same thoughts...x