Sunday, January 4, 2009


Shed those tears

Let them fall where they may

Sometimes, we just need to cry.

Tears of Joy

Tears of Sorrow

Tears are Universal,

We all have them in common.

You, me, man, woman and child

All of us.

If we never experience sadness or sorrow

Loss or disappointment

would we then be able to recognize?

The Beauty, the Joy, the Love or the Light!

That is our Divine right!

Or the Unconditional Love

That feeds Your Soul,

My Soul,

And the Soul of Humanity.

~ Calli © 2008

This is not a poem in the traditional sense, simply thoughts written down a long time ago to express our need to let those tears fall and fall where they may...


Cynthia said...

This picture is so beautiful, reminds me of the song Pearls, by
Sade. The entire world's tears are
captured here. And your thoughts
words, are so apt.
Yah! i'm in!

steveroni said...

Don't know how I got here, but 'here' I got. So what wondrous God brought me? I wish only to give that God thanks. What beauty is displayed on this blog, pictorial, and worded. As she (Cynthia) said..."Yah! I'm in!"

Gotta 'roll this site.

Thank you for a wonderfully pleasant few moments.
Steve E. (recovering Alkie and violinist, but wished I had studied 'cello! -grin)

Tracey-Ann said...

Calli - I'm with Cynthia, this image is STUNNING and goes so well with your theme.

"If we never experience sadness or sorrow loss or disappointment
would we then be able to recognize?"

We would never recognize the joy of being lifted from our sorrow, we wouldn't know the feeling of experiencing happiness and could never truly appreciate the depth of love for those that makes us happy.

I love your poem Calli ! It really makes one think. Beautiful.

Grace DeWitt said...

They are thoughst we all feel and are true for everyone of us. For me crying can just be so relieving sometimes, to give in to my emotions and let everything flow from me.

Rainbow dreams said...

Tears say so many things, the image is beautiful too, Katie

Calli said...

Cynthia~ Thank you very much for such a great comment. I will have to take a listen to Pearls by Sade.

Steve~ However you arrived it's wonderful to have you visit. Such a generous comment, thank you so much!

Tracey~ As always I am so pleased to have your comments. I love what you wrote and it's so true and 'being lifted from our sorrow' is such a special way of describing what it is to express joy. Only someone with a gifted soul like yours, Tracey could see it that way.

Grace~ Oh, do I agree with that! Letting the tears flow to me is a necessary purging of emotions. So healing! Nice to see you again.

Katie~ Tears do say so many things and though the reason for tears is different for each individual, their very essence is one and the same. Thank you for visiting again!

A'Jay said...

No words... just beautiful love

Calli said...

AJay~ Thank you for such a sweet comment.