Wednesday, August 4, 2010

cleaning house...a 4 for 1

Amazing the affect one can have on us. They free us to feel and even though that can bring vulnerability and pain; it is a beautiful opening, regardless.

We live, we love, we learn
She says as she cleans house…

Delicate intentions
Sublime wishes

A subterfuge of evil?
Reminders of truth
Laid out like lines of cocaine
On the mirror of the one about to snort that blow

Sad like that of a cocaine addicted soul

Lies that weave in and out
Get inside; fester

Heightened atmosphere
Then the crash, fall and burn

Cupid’s arrow struck ~ took hold ~ then bottomed out


The rush of blood in veins
The rush of love

The rush of love’s crash and
ultimate burn

Herein  lies the DEATH of illusion…

Love bordering on graffiti~

What began with a fresh clean slate
stars collided
Mingling about the cosmos
all seeing,
All knowing
commenced sharing, and sweet communion.

Until it became known that
The trueness = pure lies
unadulterated garbage

A womanizer by day
A writer by night

A weaver of moments~ So captivating
Oh and those sentiments; weaved so expertly

She had never known that someone could, or would even want to feign emotion

It’s not as if she hadn’t suspected, she had

She's a skeptic by nature
She's had to be

Perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy?
For she knew all along but still held belief
Yet for what?
And why?

She felt as though she was his conscience
Though the whys may never be answered

lesson were learned

Amazing what can take place in a year’s time
They came and went
Now she is stronger
She is once again catapulted to
Goddess Status

where she is living her  truth
And that
Is all that matters

a synopsis
cold remains
good eradicated

lacking dispensation

solitary designed
yet creative efforts survive
grey palettes
the wash and wear of life


silencing the beast
that lay within

for the veil that separates
the vividly real from the ethereal
has vanished 

she is at peace

 for sin

day old corpses
resurrect come day three 

the final challenge
intense weeping

tiny thrusts 
thread bare

manufactured dreams
lay flat 

the beast 

dispensing of illusion

© 2010

cleaning house (metaphorically speaking),
emptying journal pages 
leaving worn out beliefs and hurtful people behind...
thank God bad is but a blip on the radar of life...
sometimes, you just have to just say "Fuck Off Already!!! "

Life is good! 

image source: joe curtin _we heart it


steveroni said...

Calli, I must read these lines again--twice more at least. The real shame here is that you are so busy, you cannot write these on a daily basis. You are SO GOOD, dear Calli.

And yes, we all hopefully keep learning, because of what else is the excuse for growing --in my case--OLDER?

If I do not experiment of life continually/continuously, I die. If I become stagnant, I die.

If I do not stay working, learning, listening and hearing, tasting and eating, viewing and seeing, touching and feeling, and with it all, thinking and being JOYFUL! what is there left, but to roll over--neath clover?

It is not this way with everyone. I do see among us sometimes "The walking dead"...

Sorry again Calli...I wrote a blog on your blog--introduce me as a guest next time???--grin!

steveroni said...

"Cleaning House"...but is that not a never-ending work-in-progress?

I never have liked "cold" peeps, men OR women. Cold, calculating stuff is for others to enjoy--or not.

I wonder, Calli--how do we (that is everyone!) get tangled up with Peeps who are just not "us"? There are so many "us" around, why do we gravitate to "other"? Well in my case--I must be sick!

But I do SO enjoy my illness. And one day I may get well--and die! HA!

You are an amazing woman...with a SO delicate heart of soft gold--and that I know.

What you deserve Calli, is harmony, serenity, peace, love , happiness, more love and loving, and to be not fretted nor vexed at whatever happens--anywhere.

I touch your hand and take you with me to where we can be so very still, and, in that stillness, say to our Maker, "You are God--not us."

And be free, dear Calli. FREE!, girl! OK?
Love you still....

Brian Miller said...

quite vivid imagery...i am glad in the end she is living her truth...because that does have you been?

Sir Thomas said...

life is good

and this and you rock........

Calli said...

Steve~ Yes, still busy so these were old ones taken from a poetry journal. You know me, I purge the sludge now and again ;) especially when I feel so far removed from it. It is freeing! and my only purpose to post anything in the realm of *negative* is to clear space for all the great things happening in my life.
Your *guest post* is wonderful, anytime my friend! and your sweet words so appreciated. I am truly living my bliss and all those things you wish for me are happening!
and you know I wish the same for you...:)

as far as why we continue to cross paths with less than stellar peeps? it's because we are always being tested; testing of our skills of discernment and seeing if we have grown enough to walk away. I also believe that these *situations* occur so that when the day comes that we find our truth, we will better appreciate and be grateful for all the good in our lives. If we never experienced the bottom feeders how would we ever recognize the grace of angels?!

Hey Brian, how are you? It's true how important it is to live our truth and part of that is not allowing negative people into our space. I know you know that. Life is too short. As I mentioned to Steve, I feel we become more discerning and that is a damn good and essential thing.
I am better than ever ~ literally!
Thanks for asking! *smiles*...:)

Calli said...

Hey Sir Thomas, (formerly know as Winter :)...THANKS!! so do you!

megharana said...

very nice piece indeed ...

Superfluous Brunette said...

oh yes, love can break us down and break us open. Allow us to feel everything. A gift and a curse I guess. As you say, feels like a the rush a cocaine addict gets, then you bottom out.
A real testament that you are really living, is to feel it all!

Lovely and profound as always.

Hope you are enjoying your Summer.