Sunday, August 1, 2010

Come tour VT with me...

As promised a tour of my recent trip. I honestly had the very best time and I have to say, solo trips are essential. That's a tough one for many people because we feel we have to have someone with us sharing the sights, sounds, food, etc BUT how about this?  the concept of sharing with our SELF? Traveling is incredible to begin with but then take yourself wherever you wish and its joy increases tenfold. I loved every second of it! I felt changes were coming in my life and this time for me was a way of celebrating the growth in my life and the many incredible things to come. If we are in tune, we can sense the power of great things even before they arrive. Enough said for now, here is a visual tour of what I saw and commentary of course, simply because you know I love sharing! 

traditional view of Church Street

view from Bank Street parking 

T-shirt guy~ he told me this was once the home of The Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Such humble beginnings.

isn't that clock just awesome?!

I just love the ambiance inside and outside of this place. It is truly *Old World*...and the music they play takes you to another place and time...

Leunig's or maybe some yoga?

Lots of musicians can be found and the occasional magician

okay so you know this bohemian loved this cow!!!

This cow was so detailed and ultra fab to look at...............cow collage ;)

This storefront display was SO COOL!!!

a great little used bookshop ~ bought me some Keats.

more cows
the cows are part of a campaign for childhood hunger see logos below

lovely ...

can you say CHOCOLAT?...

'Go Play' day for the kids...they had a great parade up Church Street and then onto the park for some fun
for a little tribal dancing

was a fun unexpected outing!

 a typical day on Church...always the streets are filled.

and even some protestors...

 Three Tomatoes Restaurant 
they make the best wood smoked pizza...onions, roma tomatoes, apple slices and Vermont made cheddar cheese...So good!

Burlington Waterfront ~ Lake Champlain
Free Spirit Charters ~ great name :)


Artist market each & every Saturday...

If you look hard enough, there is always a great Irish Pub to be found ;)
My kind of place and yes, I am a RED SOX fan!!!

Drive by...

The Adirondack Mountains in NY ~ directly across Lake Champlain in Shelburne,  mere miles from downtown Burlington.

Real cows ;)

Shelburne VT


this is someone's view just at the end of their driveway...Sweet canopy of a view! 

one of those lucky shots!!!

The beach facing NY's Adirondack Mountains

Loved this shot...pondering a dive?

Winooski lookout...

I just like this shot. It's the upstairs of Urban Outfitter's store...I have a thing about industrial spaces..........

A sublime balmy evening ~ Honestly, I never wanted to leave that night.

This concludes part 1 of the tour. Hope you enjoyed! 

all photos by Calli
© 2010


Susan Erickson said...

fabulous! I agree a road trip by yourself can be really fun...You talk to locals and take your time. I'm always bewildered by people that travel in groups. ...exhausting keeping everybody happy. I did a walkabout around the world when I was 19 and it formed my life....thanks for sharing!

Caio Fernandes said...

Oh Calli!! what post!!
fron where can i start?
the first photo... isn't that building just perfect?
and in the sequence... the street with the flags... wow! couldn't be truth, so lovely.
well the entire post is wonderful.
i do believe that to travel is one of the best investment you can do for your life and soul.
thank you for sharing and allow me to travel a little bit with you.
have a great new week and hugs!

lilasvb said...

love the cows!

Zuzana said...

Beautiful pictures, a true plethora of everything; urban life and scenic imagery.
Even though I prefer to have company when traveling -in order to be able to recollect my memories with someone - the best trips I ever took were on my own.;)
Have a lovely week Calli,

Calli said...

Hi Susan! I so agree with you! I can just imagine how your walkabout formed your life, especially at such a young age ~What a gift!
thanks for visiting :)

Caio~ Thank you! I always enjoy how you 'see' things. You truly appreciate all of the beauty life has to offer. Incidentally, that first photo I took was with my cell phone and it turned out exceptionally well. It was the perfect time of day and that building is my favourite, hands down.
I think you'll enjoy part 2 of the tour because it's all about the art and photography that I discovered.

lilasvb~ They are awesome cows! ;)I admit there were many more I didn't photograph, though all were very creative.

Zuzana~ Yes, that is exactly the lure of Burlington for me, the urban meets rural within minutes :) ...I agree to share a place is a lovely thing. Next time I bring my love. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. xoxo

dulce said...

I'd take a few more....

This is so inviting, so beautiful my dearest!

No wonder you've been away for so long!
It was worth the wait!

Cynthia said...

Thank you, Calli! What an outstanding sight seeing tour!
I would have never been privy
to the authentic Vermont if not
for your lovely and loving post.

Vermont seems so lovely and
quaint. Deliciously full of my
favorite thing - Culture.

Thanks again.


OMGoodness, calli!!! can't even begin to start! the photos are wonderful - how absolutely gracious of you to take us on such a beautiful journey - oh, and life in a city! be still my heart! i do miss it so!!! street musicians, artists, art work, books galore, cubby hole ice cream shops, parks, neat restaurants, anything you can think of within a one block area, diversity everywhere!!!! and then contrasted with the serene countryside - just divine! and i love the idea of trips with SELF - always have - and have always loved travel, no matter anything else - again, thanks so much for sharing!!!

and please forgive my absence of late - family medical situations keeping me away - seems if there is a free moment i'm just too exhausted to turn on computer at mmidnight! but beginning to see a bit of light at the end of that long tunnel now - missed you, though!

Noelle said...

girl, you got some great photos!!! I think I need a road trip now!!