Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is bliss...

that knowing feeling
fated love
resurrects what holds true
lies could not withstand the force of this beauty

you and I different yet so alike
two hearts
true hearts

once you spoke
i came undone
life as i knew it would never be the same *

how is it that we were chosen?
how is it that grace had so gently
placed you within my heart center
where you grew for so many months

and it is I that feels sheltered
those moments
that one in particular, you know the one
where you looked out for me
for no other reason than to be gentle and kind

compassion runs deep in you
you are true
my Mr. blue
you are true

i can finally *see*
questioning for so long
when all i had to do was hear you
see you, listen intently!
study your eyes that light up when i say something,
anything, you seem to find it amusing and i love to watch
you stand there with that look in your eyes
that sparkle
i see you wanting me
i see you seeing me wanting you

aren't we the lucky ones?
though i've no doubt that if love were made to be earned
you and i deserve this love

i am unable to find the word to describe you
to say something about what you do for me
one word isn't enough
no sentiment could come close to
explaining you
my gift
my love

playfully you join me
playfully we seek
we are granted so much joy
we can't help but smile like Cheshire cats
or giggle like the children who play in the fountain

we are them
we have been touched by the grace of God
we worked so hard
we believed for so long

we healed
we have been rewarded tenfold

because of you
i will always be a believer
the presence of you
is proof of the presence of a Supreme Being

we are gifted this togetherness
we get to love
and sigh each chance we get because we know
how fortunate
and how blessed
we are

we know what all souls strive to find; to feel
most can only hope but we were gifted and
though we paid our dues
we always knew we would find

we never gave up hope

always walk with me
hold my hand in yours
let us never forsake or take for granted what we have been given

i love you
i do

i take you  forever
and by the grace of God
forever we will be...

© 2010
image source: may_i_never_be_perfect_

* taken in part from a sweet line from the  film 'PS I love you'...

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Brian Miller said...

calli, that was just beautiful...a beautiful kinda love...smiles.

The Urban Cowboy said...

This is my first time here. Your words are lovely...I wish my heart felt the words I hear as I read this. Awesome!

steveroni said...

Calli, I'll make it short...

WAIT! That was TOO short! Here I am trying to be funny, after reading such a warm, even hot, expression of outward giving, of love, and loving to give.

And, so TWO hearts, TRUE hearts, coming undone at the lover's very words...if one has never experienced this, one simply has not lived. I mean, alone and lonely is not lasting...for me, for anyone I know.

God wanted company, so here we are. He also knew WE wanted company (lover) and made that available as well.

And He knew I wanted even more, and so He gave me blogger Calli-Girl, to remind me of the beauty of God's purposes, and of the world's abundances. To remind me of the power, that immense power, of the only thing which will outlast all else--LOVE!

Thank you, thank you, Calli-Girl!

dulce said...

Oh Mr Blue...
Might I be introduced?

This describes an insight full of hope and grace... going together in harmony with the stability this age of ours (as young as we are) gives us.
Life is new, life gives a few more chances... and even more if we were there to see, to get the glance of them. How good it is when one is aware and lets not the self to miss them...

Loved this new heart feeling of my twin

Hugs my dear..

Real Me said...

Hmm, there is no better way to put this - "this is bliss"

Cynthia said...

This is one of the most romantic
poems I have read in a long time,
Your heart seems filled with love
for this prince of a man - graced
upon you - to love only you and
show it in ways your individual
heart truly understands and
grows from.

Ahh, may some of this love come
my way from a lover meant just
for me.

Catvibe said...

Calli! It seems like life truly is blessed for you right now, and I'm so happy for you sis! You've nailed the divine innocence of love, as if it were the first time. How precious can it get? Sorry I've been away so long sis, it's been a very busy time here. Love you.

Noelle said...

ahhhh, love! I want what you have! Hope you're having a wonderful summer.

Dayne Gingrich said...


I absolutely LOVE this... so beautiful! I look forward to reading your gorgeous words.

(Keep me updated on your "project" that you must DO! Can't wait to hear how it progresses).


Nevine said...

Calli, there is such a spiritual vibe to this piece... it truly is an inspiration to read it. It is a reminder that true love does exist... that true love does come true... and that when it happens... the two become one and live in the spirituality of the divine.

I am always amazed by the depth of your words... your emotion... that comes from your core and makes you write such beautiful pieces. I don't know how else to describe this, Calli... except to say that it was just beautiful... simply so.



hello, dear calli! what an absolutely magnificent piece - just beautiful - would that we all could write those words - know those words - and grateful that you have and that you have shared them with us! hugs, dear lady!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

very beautiful Calli. I can't wait to read more from you. It's been a long time.

Calli said...

Wow, am I ever behind in responses and posts, please forgive.

Thank you, Brian~ It is a beautiful kind of love, and unique. Smiles back!

The Urban Cowboy~ Welcome and thank you. Hope to see you visit again!

Oh my Steve~ Wow, that was so generous and sweet! I appreciate you so much my dear friend! Many thanks to you!!!

Hey sweetest, Dulce~ You may be introduced, anytime! You are correct, this began as an *insight* and when we are truly open and aware, that my dear is when great things begin to happen....Much love~ xxoo

Hi Real Me~ That is one blissful comment ~ Thanks!!

Oh Cynthia~ I am truly blessed. "Your heart seems filled with love for this prince of a man - graced upon you - to love only you and show it in ways your individual
heart truly understands and
grows from."
~ Your words are beautiful and describe my experience, exactly. Thank you so much, dear Cynthia.

Sis Cat~ Oh, how I have missed you! Yes, it is all divine and so loving, exactly as it should be...I also love what you said, "You've nailed the divine innocence of love, as if it were the first time.", ...Sis, it feels like the first. :)

Ah Noelle, there is nothing and I mean nothing better than a true love...:) My wish for you! Best summer ever! I hope yours is as well. :)

Why, Dayne, thank you so much. At times, I am a sentimental extremist ;) I write from a space so deep, the feelings and emotions surprise even me... And, yes, I will keep you abreast on my "must do" project :) thanks again!

Nevine, sweet friend~ You see, you are the gracious one. Your comments are entirely heart spoken and that means more than you know. The fact that you feel the depth is such a compliment to me. It makes me want to write more and more, even if it is completely sappy at times...:) It is my truest expression and stems from a a truest love. *hugs*

Oh Gypsy~ You are also such a gracious lady. Your generosity is very much appreciated as are your visits. Thank you!

Hi Deb~ Long time no see! Missed you. I need to come by soon.
And what a lovely thing to say. I appreciate your appreciation, makes me want to share more and write more.

*Things are winding down as far as my renovations and home improvement that has literally filled this entire summer, aside from my recent trip. Soccer begins and kids school in 2 weeks, Yay! ~ Can't wait! Can't wait! Did I say, Can't wait? ;))

Thanks again to all of you! Enjoy these sublime remaining days of summer :)

Superfluous Brunette said...

oh, this leaves me with a longing for love...that deep, soulful kind of love you seemed to have found here in this poem.
I believe we attract how we feel about ourselves. Once we open up to ourselves and love ourselves for exactly who we are, we find the same.
Our relationships mirror how we love ourselves...and girl you got a whole lotta loving going on :)

Good on ya!

steveroni said...

...just that it's been TOO LONG a time since we have connected. Calli-Girl, where o where you been?

Can you let some of us know how you doing, Ma'am? (You call me "Mister"!)

I KNOW that more than ME is vitally interested in your state of being: physical, mental, spiritual, marital--grin!

Just dropped by, because you are on my mind tonight--several reasons why that is...but none to be found here!


SarahA said...

I can always pick one peice that stands out for me, in your words. With these:

'once you spoke
i came undone
life as i knew it would never be the same'

I love the first six words. I have fallen in love with them. I am knowing this feeling you have captured.