Friday, March 20, 2009

First day of Spring!

First day of spring

First day of spring--
I keep thinking about
the end of autumn

by Matsuo Basho

Well, I have to laugh at this one as anyone that knows me, knows that I live for Autumn...

Here is a portion of a landscape painting of mine...painted in 2008 - You'll see a Country white church off in the distance. I love to photograph churches in my travels and I have always envisioned that one day my 'studio' would be a little white church or stone church, on my property with beautiful stained glass windows with the light streaming in, especially at sunset and it would just make my sanctuary glow so beautifully. A few years ago I came across several old churches via an HGTV design show that showcased renovated churches whose owners turned them into their own personal homes. They were amazing!

~ Calli © 2009 - Painting 2008


Karen said...

Beautiful! I love old churches, too. My so is quite a good photographer, and he did a series of these little country churches.

Shadow said...

what a beautiful dream... i hope you get your 'church' studio one day.

Chuck Dilmore said...

O, this is just lovely!