Tuesday, March 31, 2009

oren-lavie her morning elegance music...

I found this about a month ago. This is so cool and fun and quirky. I just love it! And, oh, the cello, whenever I hear it, it just makes me want to cry -- sooo beautiful and intense! But make no mistake,this is not a sad song....take a listen and you should turn off my playlist at the bottom of the page so it doesn't interrupt your listening pleasure!!! P.S. You may have to press 'refresh' to play it.

~ Calli

from the page: From the album The Opposite Side of the Sea, to be released March 2009, The song "Her Morning Elegance". This beautiful video captures this song and brings it to life.



Karen said...

Very nice, Calli! The music is beautiful and the video is fun!

steveroni said...

I like quirky.
I like the word quirky.
I use the word quirky frequently.
Frequently quirkily.
Going to have a quirky night's sleep.
I'll have to do a list of "Q" words.
Quaint and quirkt "Q" words.
'Cello is not quirky.
I've know lots of 'cellists.
My second wife was a 'cellist.
Symphony cellist.
She was good.
And she played a cello.
As you can tell, it IS bed time!!!

Abbey said...

Tis a great video, I posted it once myself and lost it, tis great to see it again..x