Friday, March 27, 2009

weekend getaway...or the weekend gets underway!

It's Friday and it is a fairly gorgeous day out there. I am off to visit family this weekend and just had the urge to post one of my all-time favorite photographs. It symbolizes so many wonderful things for me, but mostly provides me with a sense of 'Freedom'...I suppose there is a side to all of us, our inner child, or in my case my 'inner bohemian' (who quite often makes an outward appearance :), that has to maintain a certain degree of freedom. Freedom of spirit, freedom to create, to just be and I do not take that at all for granted. It is a gift, one in which I treasure.

Have a beautiful weekend Gems!

~ Calli

image source: lh6


steveroni said...

"On The Road Again." (music, please)!

I like clouds.
I Like Bohemian..what's a Bohemian?
I 'play' Bohemian until I believe it!
And, I like the pictures you post,
Calli. Thank you for it all!

Gem-a-roni (Actually "Gemini" -grin

John-Michael said...

Ah! To simply 'be.' 'Tis the most grand of all of Life's realizations. I bid you peaceful delight in the embrace of all that Family offers.

Lovingly ...

Shadow said...

you're right to treasure it, i do too. have a fab weekend!

Rainbow dreams said...

hope you're having a fantastic weekend,
I thought I recognised the picture from previously
Freedom is wonderful....enjoy, Katie,x