Sunday, March 29, 2009


Let me linger in this
This fascination of you, love

Let me dream your face
Your lips
Your touch

Nourish this want!
Quench this desire!


Let me vividly engage in the enchanting
Conversations that we will eventually have

And love, I know exactly how enchanting they will be
Because I know your wit, your mind, your spirit


Let me hold you, love
Let me feel your strength now, to ease my wait
Along with the precious memories, we will undoubtedly make


For my soul love
It longs for you
Though it waits

Patience is mine!

Though something, something
Tells me you are near…

© ~ Calli 2009

Image source: Moonlight Dreaming by Accretion Point on flickr


Rainbow dreams said...

beautiful as ever, truly inspired :)

steveroni said...

O.M.G.,, well, how do you write such words? Whence cometh such beauty? How vivid your description of someone's heart-thought. For the moments I was reading "LET ME LINGER" it was a new, wonderful, strange world where we all lived.

Calli, I should not be allowed to read stuff like that!
Steve E.

Karen said...

"...something, something tells me you are near." Feeling takes over the senses and you just KNOW!

Very nice, Calli.

Cynthia said...

Ahhh, the ultimate romantic poem,
Calli, you've rained down love.

John-Michael said...

I must whisper ... and do, in respectful appreciation of this Moment ... in quiet bliss.

Lovingly ...

Chuck Dilmore said...

oh, my...
this is quite perfect, Calli.
i'm with John-Michael - this has to be read in a whisper!

very nice. everything about it!
(and, yes - you sound inspired! a nice way to travel through life, huh.)

keep that pen humming!

spottedwolf said...

"in shades of grey expression lives for never is love plain...where black meets white illusions lie and change among the grain"

Lovely page

SarahA said...

'Because I know your wit, your mind, your spiri... and when you really know them, you know them whole and can say you love them. Beautifully said, you. Awwwwwwwwww I am a hopeless romantic!These sort of words get me everytime, but only when they are written as well as this!

Tracey-Ann said...

This is so beautiful, Calli