Wednesday, June 24, 2009

altar of hope...

altar of hope
i grace this space
with wishing seeds from dandelions
fairy dust
prayer beads
a treasured rosary...
amidst candles, God/Goddess

all those things held dear

but what i hold even more dear
is unseen 'within' - my truest treasure!

that of my hopes and dreams
the 'thing' that makes me dance
my Altar of Hope

you are sacred to me

i pray on your steps
in your temple

i pray
i release
as i am rocked gently
and oh, so slowly

on the winds of tomorrow - my answers will come!

©: Calli 2009

image source: 33nukr9


Shadow said...

'altar of hope' the title immediately grabbed me. and the words that followed drew me all the way...

Steve E. said...

ALL answers can be found on the winds of tomorrow.

Calli, the true beauty of "beautiful people" can be found deep down within. Your beauty is there also, inside--and out....

Peace, from Steve

Cynthia said...

Oh Calli, this is a beautiful prayer, and has touched my heart.
Such purity, only you can write.

Chuck Dilmore said...


i am reading a book
lingering on each
page, each

these belong someplace
where people can pick them up
and hold them and feel like these belong to them.

incredible writing!

laughingwolf said...

only one thing can top one's
'altar of hope', and that is finding the loving soul one seeks...

James Oh said...

Calli I agree with Cynthia that it is a beautiful prayer that touch every heart and soul.

Abbey said...

Calli that is one of your best... sorry I havnt been around my site went down....Abbey

Rainbow dreams said...

love this Calli,
really do

Catvibe said...

Gorgeous, so wonderful. I keep many altars around my house, with treasures, reminders of dreams and of spirits that guide us.