Monday, June 1, 2009

touching earth...

touching earth

green, vivid greens
the deepest browns

earthy, fresh soil
beneath my feet
grounding my soul

touching earth
with bare hands
letting the earth
slip through my fingers
feeling its coolness
its fresh earthy scent
its purity
its divinity

i am refreshed

i am alive!

© Calli 2009
all photos by Calli
taken at Calli's Place...

click photos to enlarge ...


Steve E. said...

What a place you have, Miss Calli. It reminds me of the Great Smoky Mountains. And the photos you tke are none less than professional.

Please don't tell me you are NOT a Photoshop user. Otherwise I'll believe you are a worker of miracles.

NOT a poet, but I did put up a brief two-verse set of words just minutes ago. And I found it FUN! Really. Might even play around with that kind of thing.

Thanks again, it is ALWAYS a pleasure, and a break in my day to visit with you on your blog, Calli!

James Oh said...

Wow! A Perfect match of beautiful poetry with wonderful photos. Well said and done.

It well reminds us on the great work Mighty hand has done.

Cheers and God bless,

spottedwolf said...

ain't gardening just the coolest thing ?

Shadow said...

crisp with greenness.

Karen said...

You have captured it, Calli, in both words and pictures. I love these lines:

its purity
its divinity

Catvibe said...

So very beautiful. Like Steve said, it looks like the area where I live (which is at the crossroads of the blue ridge and great smokies.) I especially loved the poppy picture, the way the flower was flanked on each end with a bud, gorgeous. And touching earth with bare know, I know, gardening gloves are such a barrier to what we want, to touch her, hold her, caress her, play with her, join in her muse. Great one sis.

~CJ said...

Beatiful photos, Calli :)

I think I see Vinca, Strawberry, lilac and dianthus among these.

My mother loves lilacs and I hope to plant a few next Spring.

I love the rocky terrain too. You must have many natural places nearby to explore and discover.

Gerry Boyd said...

just beautiful.