Saturday, June 20, 2009

morning coffee ~ a series within a post...

a series of mini poems that find their way
with my morning coffee...

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loving boundaries
at times,
a necessity
a form of self-preservation?

protecting the heart
from more hurt
that IT could not possibly

loving boundaries
walls erected, yet with love

i love you
your love hurts

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this soaring soul
whose heart beats for you
you alone

this flight
keep it going
don't give in to the night
don't make me fight

soaring on wings of past and present
coloured memories

altered views...

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i hear you, love
i feel you
i know your scent

for you are carried on that breeze
that sensual, succulent breeze

that came and went...



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bittersweet love

your love is bittersweet

your love is incomplete

i want you now

...let me love you

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© Calli 2009

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Cynthia said...

Calli I do wish words would drop from my lips like they do from yours, untangling the threads of confused in emotion. Perfection.

The image found my solar plexus in a heart beat.

Steve E. said...

Calli, there is nothing you do that I don't like or enjoy. But "Rain, rain, rain..." really sticks with me tonight...and it is not raining

Shadow said...

if that's what coffee does, keep drinking it! nice ones!

laughingwolf said...

super fine sentiments, calli... very well said....

Catvibe said...

Beautiful Calli, I love this.