Sunday, June 14, 2009

intuitive creating...

What i refer to as 'intuitive creating' created these.

drawing and painting
with absolutely no preconceived ideas
turns out to be great fun and at times, ends with intriguing results. not always a 'masterpiece' but that's okay.
i love to see what comes. it's a mystery, even to me.



Anonymous said...

You are quite the talent woman.I am loving your colours, you. I am loving that I can FEEL when looking at such.

Printemps said...

Lovely colors...

Steve E. said...

Oh Calli--I'm not an artist...just a fiddle player, but I am your biggest (I'm not really big--well, maybe???) fan, and I am here...and I'll be back.

Your work--paintings, drawings, photos, poetry, and self-stuff, is WORTHY of separate blog, a private room at the museum.

I could stroll around, playing Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, and 'autre'. I'd love that! Surrounded
by beauty every which way.

I'm blog rolling this one, hopefully won't miss any of stuff on the other one by doing so.

BTW...LOVE your photo with your eyes focused on something other than the camera. You are a VERY pretty girl.

Chuck Dilmore said...

whoa - these are amazing!
love zooming in.
seeing what it took to create these!

i have to say - the top speaks to me.
most incredible!

great things coming from your studio, Calli!

peace~ Chuck

Steve E. said...

Almost forgot Mona--How COULD I? It is also she who I sincere.
Well, yes....sincere.


deepazartz said...

Beautiful!!! What lovely colours!

What you said about drawing without preconceived notion is very true...its a mystery even to the creator and there lies the excitement!!!

Great going, Calli:)

Calli said...

Thanks so much, my sweet gems! You are ALL so incredibly generous!

peace & love

Catvibe said...

Calli, I love these so much. I tried to follow your blog here, but see nowhere to do that. But you know I would have if there was a follower place. Some of this work reminds me of stained glass, and some of dreaming while sleeping in a mossy forest with my toes dipped in water.

I was thinking of breaking out my oil paints and painting my trees across the street. It's been over a year since I've done an oil... I can't decide whether to paint the view, or a scene from San Francisco which I've been missing... IN any case, I tell you this because of how inspiring you are.


Calli said...

Hey Cat! Thank you so much sis! Mossy forest with toes dipped in water, I like that! ;)...

You should paint both scenes and then share them. I want to see your oil paintings. I am back to my acrylics for a bit and then I am setting up to do more watercolours, on small landscape shaped paper. Just for play!

I don't always have the patience while waiting for my oils to dry. On the move, ya know!

Have a great weekend! I moved the 'follower' list up from the bottom so you can see it now.

hugs back!