Tuesday, June 16, 2009

seeing you, seeing me...

in still waters
i search
i see
i find
it is you
your reflection
looking back at me

how can this be?
have you become so near?
that my soul knows no difference
between me and thee?

the good, the bad
we had morphed
as one

then you left...

when it is all said and done
it is once again me
(though forever altered)
that i see
back at me...

© Calli 2009

image source: zzzsearch-1


James Oh said...

Beautiful and meaningful poem. I really enjoy reading it.well done

Steve E. said...

ME on ME.....looking back. You score again Calli. I'm SO glad you're posting with some regularity now...no pressure, though. You seem to be having fun with it. I'm having fun, on the receiving end, that's a given!

SarahA said...

Oh *sob* *sob* *sob* such beautiful words, you.But at the end of such, I *smile*

Ananji said...

A sad, but beautifully strengthening thought.

Shadow said...

inevitable. the moulding of two. and even after parting, a bit of you remains in him, as a bit of him remains in you....

Gerry Boyd said...

So deep yet so spare and crisp. Bravo!

laughingwolf said...

all the feeling/imagery one could want... nicely done, calli :)

Catvibe said...

Oh my gosh, I read this days ago, and somehow my comment didn't get here, or I got distracted going over to your other blog and getting delighted by the fabulous artwork over there, and somehow the comments never came. Please forgive... Anyway, I love this poem, it is an awesome image.