Friday, January 8, 2010

in the midst of...

dark introspection
leading to the ultimate

~ of joyous release


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* thank you all for your sweet wishes during the holidays and since. 
I hope you all experienced the best of holiday seasons!
 I am still on somewhat of a break and apologize for not having visited... I hadn't realized that
this break was so needed until I was in the midst of it.

but I will be back soon and miss all of you, and your posts.

thank you! 


Steve E said...

Calli-Girl, thank you for letting us know that you are OK! OK? LOL

And now we can live again, knowing that one day we shall soon read your poetry, and view your galleries
And enjoy it all just by letting the ambiance of your site inject into our very veins.

Love your blog. Love you.

Dulce said...

You make me happy twin!
Looking forward to your stable return in Blogville...

Karen said...

Hi, Calli! Enjoy your well-deserved hiatus. We'll see you soon.

Brian Miller said...

live in that release...and continue to enjoy the break. they are good at times, though we look forward to your return. smiles.

Christine Robinson said...

Hi Calli,

It's good to know that the downtime has its purpose. In my own life, it seems that I go about knowing what my objective is almost every day, and thus set busily about to achieve it. It's harder to know the meaning in a break, but I always, always come away from it with a fresh perspective and a few unexpected discoveries...about myself or something in the world.

Blessings as you move ahead in the new year. And looking forward to seeing how your introspection comes out in your art.


Fareed said...

Will be missed neverrtheless.

Calli said...

Steve, Dulce, Karen, Brian, Christine and Fareed~ Thank you all for your kindness...

Steve~ if the ambiance of my site does anything when injected into your! I am pleased and honoured my dear friend!

Dulce~ Miss visiting my dear twin, but will soon. I am also prepping my home for some additional remodeling to commence soon! - I hope, so that is also keeping me away. I hope your little guy had a safe and fun trip and that you're enjoying him being home, Love!

Karen~ You're always so dear. I hope you are enjoying that little baby granddaughter and life and love in general.

Brian~ "live in that release"...ahhh, words to live by, thank you and smiles...:)

Christine~ Welcome and thank you. I think if we pay attention and understand ourselves, 'breaks' happen when they need to and absolutely bring with them surprises, realizations, understanding, among other things...but all good. I love that Winter especially, is like an invitation to cocoon and just be with whatever we need.

Fareed~ Thank you very much. Hope you'll return when I return.

I promise I will make my rounds and I actually feel 'guilty' not visiting all of your pages, but I will make up for it soon! :)

Happy Cocooning!

Catvibe said...

Calli, I understand this need deeply my sis. Sending you shawls of love and an inner candle to light the way.

Nevine said...

I know how much a break can help, so take your time. I'll be looking forward to reading you when you come back... Enjoy!


Secretia said...

Whenever you return, I'll be here.