Friday, January 22, 2010

voice interrupted...abstraction in love - 2 new paintings...

voice interrupted
12 x 24 mixed media on canvas

abstraction in love
12 x 24 acrylic on canvas

I usually approach an abstract painting 'intuitively,'  meaning I have no preconceived ideas. 
Though with 'voice interrupted'  I did begin with a rough sketch of a child and a woman.  When I started to paint the woman and child I was thinking about vulnerability. I was thinking about a woman's voice; her symbolic voice.  Her uniqueness. I was thinking about her inner child and how in her adulthood, it is her inner child
that is in despair when her heart is broken. I was thinking about those grey areas. 
Vulnerability is a tricky thing. Acutely apparent no matter the circumstances. If we are open, we are open to vulnerability.  Many times we chance our vulnerabilities and can be exposed to psychological manipulators. There are those in life who will take advantage  and prey upon the most vulnerable. That is something I only touch upon here but I know the 'Universe' will have its say in those matters.
And at the same time we cannot truly love unless we allow ourselves that vulnerability. 
It is a catch 22 to be sure. 
 abstraction in love was purely driven by intuition. With only  'abstraction' and perhaps 'symmetry' in mind. I allow my feelings and emotions to flow and whatever comes ~ comes. Obviously, the Japanese Kanji script symbol for love was deliberately painted in. You will find this symbol in many of my paintings. I should get a tattoo of this very symbol and place it near my heart, for I wear my love on  my heart like a tattoo or badge. That is why in my recently published self-portrait you may recall I painted the same symbol over my heart.  The other elements in this painting are the sky , earth and wings of love and also those wings took on the symbol of a Phoenix bird in flight. This I noticed after finishing the painting. The Phoenix symbolizes re-birth and this is a prevalent time, personally for me, and I am sure this is true for many of you. A re-birth of intentions, of love and of creating anew.  There is a re-birth after each natural disaster such as the one that will eventually take place in Haiti. 

And after all, it is a new year and the possibilities are endless...

...So, here we have two very definitive meanings behind these paintings, at least for me and though I have purposefully left some of the symbolism out of my descriptions, I am fully open to your interpretations. 
I love knowing what you see and feel

AND most importantly...
Who is 8 years old today...:)
Momma loves you little man!


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Beautiful symbolic abstractions Calli. I love hearing about your inner process as you produced these pieces. It can be such a cathartic and revitalizing process.

Caio Fernandes said...

it is amazing Calli .... i think you're reaching new and very intence levels !!

Anonymous said...

These paintings are excellent. And I hope that you are having a great new year.

Laura said...

Love them! You are AWESOME!!! Happy Birthday to Logan :) Thank you for giving a voice and vision to inspire, soothe and comfort. LOTS of LOVE <3 Laura

Protege said...

This was a wonderful read. Thank you so much for explaining your approach and your definition of the term "abstract" and what it means to you.
I love to paint, but I have never had any schooling. To me abstract art is always difficult to understand as I always try to convey absolute reality to the canvas. Ultimately I do find colours and shapes appealing and often it helps if I understand what the artist is trying to convey.
I love the first painting.

Happy birthday to your son.;)

Have a lovely weekend,

Dulce said...

OH Happy Birthday to Logan!

How very nice and beautiful and all that!

I love both the pictures and your words... as soon as I started reading you I knew what was coming next... Oh- that child ...will we ever get rid of it?
I do not think so...

Hugs my twin!

Calli said...

Bonnie~ Such a lovely comment, thank you. I love the process and it is very healing.

Caio~ Wow, thank you my friend. I appreciate that very much.

Hi Des~ Thank you and yes 2010 is going very nicely. Hope the same for you.

Laura~ So good to see you, sos. Thank you for Logan's birthday wishes and for your sweet comments, lots of love back...:)

Zuzana~ Thank YOU, for reading and enjoying. Sometimes, as I've expressed to Caio, I don't know if it is BEST to describe my process or leave it alone. But it seems the feedback says to keep doing so...Thank you again ;) and for Logan's b-day wishes. He had a great time!

Dulce~ dearest twin~ huge thanks from me and from Logan....I send hugs to you and your little man...
Ah yes, our inner child is forever with us.

Thanks again everyone for such great comments. They truly do inspire me to stretch further and to hopefully reach new levels...:)

Karen said...

I love your abstracts! Like Bonnie, I am glad you talk us through your process and thinking. "abstraction in love" is my favorite. Beautiful!



and, again, calli, your work seems to follow my own heart in its perspective and image - beautifully thought beautifully read beautifully executed!

[i dare not discuss in detail my own inner child who is a larger part of me than the adult most of the time!] ;)