Friday, January 15, 2010

She is on one side of Truth, He on the other...

discontent swallows whole
ALL those things once held dear

and a heavy heart


a tug of war
between empowering thoughts
and the fall of tears

makes time stand still
as restless longing
turns to need

for sleep
for a rainy day

for the trail of tears
to be kissed away and made right
by the one who inflicted the wrongs

but what she really needs
is to find peace
in the knowing
that the only thing REAL are her tears
and those things she held dear
sadly ~ were not

She is on one side of Truth and He on the other…


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Secretia said...

Calli, that is so right, I feel like crying too. And I can't explain why. You are very talented.


Brian Miller said...

this one hurts a bit...

Steve E said...

I cried. But that's what I DO when I am on one side of the truth...and she on the other side. But "truth" is like that. LOVE is like that.

This post seems to be written by one whose unhappiness is caused by the failure of her hopes, desires, expectations, dreams, truths...

However....Hey, Calli-Girl! I'm sure glad to see the Pirouetting Girl again, it means you have come back "home"!!

Love your work, and you!

for I am so many things.. said...

Ouch, I feel the pain here.

Dulce said...

It so happens, always, dear twin, and then none is right and both are.

THis is so sad.
C'mon! let's have coffee and f*** them off again. But only until next time, when we'll be so full and IN again, because we shine in them,because we were born to love and be in love.

Hugs ;)

Caio Fernandes said...

i wish i could not feel this ....
wonderful your way to write ....

good to have you back Calli .

Nevine said...

And this is such a sad truth to arrive at, but the truth is the truth, and is very much needed if we are to find true happiness.

Welcome back, Dear Calli!


Steve E said...


Mike Golch said...

Hi Calli,I came for a visit from Steve E's blog I like you blog and I'm adding you to the ever growing follow list of mine.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Missed you too! Sad, painful, and always powerful!

That 'something' you asked me about is tricky, because it doesn't have to be one thing... or it CAN be.

When we allow others to dictate, we're essentially saying, "I don't believe in myself." When we slip back, we're saying the same thing.

If there IS a 'something,' I believe it's lack of inner (X. The first step is making a conscious decision to... (you fill in the blank as it relates to your challenges). When you "fall back," recognize you've fallen, don't judge the fall, and then CONSCIOUSLY bring yourself back.

Great to read you again!

Isha Ethera said...

damn. I feel this.
I love it. go on! =]

Suicide Barbie said...

So often we find ourselves torn, always tipping the balance from one extreme to another but never seeming to find middle ground. Beautifully written.

Realliveman said...

Very cool blog. I will be back!

Kim A. said...

You and Brian are both on a roll today. both hit some deep parts of me.


Renee said...

The side of truth is a good side to be on Calli.



how exquisitely profoundly beautiful - the words impact my own heart in ways indescribable! i cannot say more!

wylde otse said...

If only the tears are "real", then can we can wrap up all our imagined(?) discontent and emotional pain in them - feel them 'well up' and drop to the earth from whence they came...and with a sigh, return to peace.


calli, coming here is so much more than just "visiting another blog" - even an art blog and/or poetry blog - it is an EXPERIENCE in the truest sense of the word! beautiful!

Steve E said...

What GYPSYWOMAN just said--is what I did not know how to say for so long about your blog, dear Calli.

Yes. An experience of tenderness, loss, wonder, fulfillment, cheer, and all those human things between all that............and LOVE.

An experience!

Calli said...

Secretia ~ Brian ~ Steve ~ Noelle ~ Dulce ~ Caio ~ Nevine ~ Steve (again):) ~ Mike Golch ~ Dayne ~ Isha ~ Kim ~ Realliveman ~ Kim ~ Renee ~ GypsyWoman ~ Wylde Otse ~ GypsyWoman (again) ;) and Steve wow- again ;)...

You are all magnificent and I love your visits and your thoughts. I will be making some long overdue visits soon. Thank you to my new followers as well. I'll be by to see you.

Thanks for always making me smile and for taking precious time out of your busy lives to visit with me.


Cynthia said...

Yes, the only real things are her
tears...been there unfortunately.
But Gran always said that crying
is good for the soul. Another
heartfelt poem, just lovely Calli.

Calli said...

Cynthia~ Your Gran was right crying is a natural, necessary release. I haven't cried since the night I wrote and posted that poem.

Think I'm overdue...

Steve E said...

You wrote: "...crying is a natural, necessary release. I haven't cried since the night I wrote and posted that poem.

Think I'm overdue..."

Calli, should we not cry only over what was/is worthy (of our tears) even if that worthiness is US? How frequently I substitute the word "worthlessness" for "worthiness"!

May YOU, Calli, rest in the peace of new day dawning, NOT daunting!
Please stay vibrant, stay alive, stay loving, stay Calli...we should not "cry me a river" over anyone--look who's talking--grin!!!

First grade--a story comes to mind, about the little princess who could not cry. Remember???