Monday, January 25, 2010

love bordering on graffiti...

love bordering on graffiti
16 x 20 mixed media on canvas

You may be asking asking why? why does she title a painting
love bordering on graffiti? well, good question. I ask myself the same ;)

Often times, the title just pops in and other times, I give it deeper thought.
This is one of those times when the title just popped!
Does it make sense? probably only to me, but I'll attempt explanation.

love bordering on graffiti, to me, is the after-affect of loving someone
who was very wrong, hence the markings on her face and imagine the markings from the damage and the hurt within.....collateral damage for giving
her heart to someone who clearly did not deserve her devotion.

Sad but true and so love can get ugly at times. Ugly in the sense that some people speak of love, write of love, dream of love but they know nothing about l o v e...BUT they are really good at making us think they do.

I love with my whole heart and I
don't regret ever doing so, I only regret how blindly and for how long.
I loved someone who was wrong for me, but he was also right in far too many ways, which should have been my first clue.
Lesson learned:  Do not give your whole heart and trust; without it being fully earned. 

Simple huh? well, it is for those who are capable of turning off those feelings ar at least slowing them down to the point of saying okay, "I must take my time here."  However, admittedly, this has never been my strong suit, BUT IT IS NOW! :)

 love is human
love is flawed

but to love is to breathe
and i want to keep breathing


Caio Fernandes said...

i no nothing about your choices Calli .
what i know it what i see , an sensual and spiritual work .... with a unique beauty .

Brian Miller said...

keep breathing. sometimes being hurt by love can drive us in the other direction. i rather like the title...and the truth that goes with it.

Catvibe said...

The passion in the painting is pointed by the use of red, it just flows out like the blood of your being. Oh how you know I can relate to your words...

Karen said...

I really like this one, Calli. The explanation makes perfect sense to me, especially coming from someone who throws her whole self into everything, as I know that you do. Keep breathing and believing.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I love how you express your feelings through your art. It is so honest and healing and this perfectly expresses that.

As much as we are often hurt by our experiences in love, we also learn much about ourselves and what we require in the next one. I have come to believe that we are led to these experiences for just that reason.

And in my own experiences I've found that the risk of being hurt is far outweighed by the exquisite joy of the experience of love even in knowing that it may be fleeting and ultimately not perfect. Even in my tears I've found that I am still grateful for what has come my way.

You have much love to give and you will have it returned to tenfold.

Protege said...

Oh, I LOVE this painting. Absolutely love it. There is something in there that just speaks to me, it is very dreamy and airy.

Your description of love is so true. I too give myself always fully and completely and have been hurt too. But I just can not love any other way and I accept the pain, if there is a chance of the incredible happiness that comes when loving that way.

Wonderful post.

Shadow said...

this is my kinda painting. its stunning calli!!!!!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Your love and humanity shine through all your words and images Calli. Stunning work as always.

Betty said...

I have been through that and I know very well how it feels.
Every true love hurts. No more!
When I looked at your painting I said wow! I love the graffiti and the red colour combination!
Extremely great and inspiring wotk, Calli!

Isha Ethera said...

ooo I love this- =]


ok, i simply cannot tell you how much i love this piece!!! and the naming of it is perfect - but you know, for me, even with the love that may be flawed or not just right, isn't the fact that our heart loved the issue and not totally whether or not the object of our affection was worthy or whether our affection was reciprocated - i wonder - loving is the thing - and like you, calli, may the gods forbid i should ever stop loving - no matter what else - thus far my heart has never been so fractured as to prohibit it's desire to beat once more in rhythm to love - again, words escape me on describing how i relate to/love this piece! fantastic, lady!

Calli said...

Caio~ Your comment is so appreciated my friend. I am happy you find it unique. That is something that is very important to me. I feel the same about your work.

Brian~ always breathing...and thank you about the title and the truth. That is also, for me, an important aspect of my work.

Cat~ sis, thank you for noticing. And, I know that you know exactly what I'm talking about...;)

Karen~ That is one wonderful comment, thank you, Karen. I will always breathe (God willing) and always believe!

Deb~ That is such a generous comment, thank you so much! And, the love will always be more important than the pain; past, present or future pain.
I live for love! I can't seem to change that...;)though I know I wouldn't want to!

Zuzana~ I am so pleased you LOVE the painting and the message. It means so much to share and communicate what is behind my feelings and emotions. I am coming to realize that more and more. We've all been in that place of hurt, sadly, but the love...keeps us going! xo

Shadow~ Aww, awesome to hear! I think she's my favourite. Thanks my friend! :)

Bonnie~ You always make me feel so appreciated. You are a true and supportive friend indeed. Many thanks!

Betty~ I am also happy you resonated with this and found it inspiring! What more could I ask for! hugs back~ xx

Isha~ Why, thank you very much!

GypsyWoman~ That's a stunning comment, lady...means a lot. I love when a painting in combination with my thoughts, makes some sort of impact. An artist's dream, actually. I so agree with what you and everyone else has shared about love and loving being more important than
all else. It is how I live and will always be how I love. But i'll just make sure my rose-coloured glasses are always kept sparkling clean ;)

I have the best readers/viewers in all of blogland...:) xoxo

Gregorio Martino said...

I can see the title in the painting. When I first looked at it I saw a painting that looked like someone else had painted over. It is like two paintings, one on top of another. Sort of like the love you mentioned.

deepazartz said...

The painting is lovely...feelings expressed well. Hope your wound heals soon...of course it'll take it's time, for sure!

Lotsa hugs n love

Anonymous said...

I was never able to "take my time with love".


Nevine said...

Calli, your painting is haunting, as are your words. I so admire your talent and your ability to work so many artforms. You have a true talent. I love this!


Calli said...

Gregorio~ I like that interpretation...Welcome and thank you for visiting!

Thank you Deepa, and yes even the loss of a friendship takes healing and time.

Secretia~ It's tough when we are naturally open. It makes it hard to hold back and I never liked holding back.

Nevine~ Your comments are always so kind and are always appreciated...thank you!

Susan Erickson said...

great to find another artist's blog. It's always inspirational to see what others are up to. Lovely work!

Chantel said...

Passion is duplicitous...and rewarding to such tremendous heights. *sigh* Visual art that can depict this is rare.


Raw and real.....and lovely.

lilasvb said...

beautifull, i love it

Serena said...

A beautiful and quite striking painting, Calli! I have always thrown my whole self into love despite my Higher Self cautioning me to tread carefully....but I foolishly ignored the message.

Nettie said...

I love this painting and I SO understand how you came by the title and the kind of 'love' experience you describe, I am sure that too many women who have passion in their souls,do so ;o)


hi calli - just coming by to check on things over here - and say hello - hope you're having a glorious week!

wylde otse said...


What I love is to see or feel or understand something new and unique, like art. I really can't say what it is, not being an artist; not even having studied it. But,like a beautiful song -I don't need an explanation. And I love it when others see it in you too. Thank you sweet spirit.
(hey, a flower for you for spring on my blog :o)

- and so true your insight about directing our love to where it is truly appreciated; but secretly, I don't believe any love ever goes to waste forever ;o)