Tuesday, November 11, 2008

beauty and pain...

Life and love consist of both beauty and pain

~ Calli

My new blog will attempt to show this truth through words, thoughts, poetry, and art, as well as delving into the lives of various artists, writers, musicians, and philosophers, who live or had lived within shades of grey.


Steve E said...

Calli, I do, I DO, DO remember this post, when you first announced to us that your were starting a blog of your thoughts and poems, to augment your (ahem) web presence. I'm surprised that I did not leave comments then...(Oh, you must have rejected them --grin!)

Well this CERTAINLY fits the "better-late-than-never thingie, huh?
Love,' RED'S HAPPY "owner"
Steve E

Calli said...

Oh my, have I known you this long?! Must be...

Thank you for re-visiting some oldies!Red's happy owner~