Saturday, November 29, 2008

unbearable sadness of being

This unbearable sadness of being

Settling in

Almost unaware

Like a dense fog of charcoal grey

Take hold!

To dissipate its cloak

That clings soiled and heavy

Ever encompassing

Does not allow one to breath

At times, there is a need to feel this

To let it be

Knowing that when it leaves

I will be temporarily free!

Until she returns

Like an incessant disease

Perpetuated by dwelling in the muck of her

Tears red and stained

Sore eyes and

Blistered soul

My heart chained in despair

Fading fast...

Leading me absolutely nowhere.

~ Calli © 2008

image source: Tap_tap_by Kenzography


Tracey-Ann said...

Callie, this is so sad, beautiful, but so sad.

Calli said...

Tracey, my friend, it is definitely sad, and you are so kind to call it beautiful. Thank you!