Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Fear is what holds me back
Fear is what suffocates my dreams

Fear is a pitiful thing
An undesirable emotion
One that must be overcome.

Fear sucks the life out of your dreams,
My dreams, and the dreams of all who have ever existed.

Fear: What is this seemingly powerful emotion?
Fear should not be allowed
To hold us back from our dreams.

There are those who have escaped fear's wrath
Overcome and stomped out its breath.

Those are the ones who make it,
I want to be one of the ones who make it!

~ Calli


Tracey-Ann said...

It's a sad state when we let fear dominate the decisions we make in our lives, it is a psychological form of cancer. Your poem was very powerful and realistic. I especially liked the last 4 lines.
Thank you Calli, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your poems, as always. :)

Grace DeWitt said...

Me too! Thank you for your empowering poem!

Calli said...

I could not have said it better Tracey, fear is indeed a 'psychological cancer' and in reality, an illusion. I believe if we taught this to our children at a very young age their lives would be absolutely miraculous! That along with teaching them self-confidence and self-worth, would make the world a far better place...

I am also genuinely overwhelmed by both of your kind words, thank you Tracey and Grace!

Micky said...

1 [Of David] ADORATION I offer, Yahweh,

2 to you, my God. BUT in my trust in you do not put me to shame, let not my enemies gloat over me.

3 CALLING to you, none shall ever be put to shame, but shame is theirs who groundlessly break faith.

4 DIRECT me in your ways, Yahweh, and teach me your paths.

5 ENCOURAGE me to walk in your truth and teach me since you are the God who saves me. FOR my hope is in you all day long -- such is your generosity, Yahweh.

6 GOODNESS and faithful love have been yours for ever, Yahweh, do not forget them.

7 HOLD not my youthful sins against me, but remember me as your faithful love dictates.

8 INTEGRITY and generosity are marks of Yahweh for he brings sinners back to the path.

9 JUDICIOUSLY he guides the humble, instructing the poor in his way.

10 KINDNESS unfailing and constancy mark all Yahweh's paths, for those who keep his covenant and his decrees.

11 LET my sin, great though it is, be forgiven, Yahweh, for the sake of your name.

12 MEN who respect Yahweh, what of them? He teaches them the way they must choose.

13 NEIGHBOURS to happiness will they live, and their children inherit the land.

14 ONLY those who fear Yahweh have his secret and his covenant, for their understanding.

15 PERMANENTLY my eyes are on Yahweh, for he will free my feet from the snare.

16 QUICK, turn to me, pity me, alone and wretched as I am!

17 RELIEVE the distress of my heart, bring me out of my constraint.

18 SPARE a glance for my misery and pain, take all my sins away.

19 TAKE note how countless are my enemies, how violent their hatred for me.

20 UNLESS you guard me and rescue me I shall be put to shame, for you are my refuge.

21 VIRTUE and integrity be my protection, for my hope, Yahweh, is in you.

22 Ransom Israel, O God, from all its troubles.

Steve E said...

Calli, I cannot help but notice your fear of whatever, seems to have vanished--mostly. Fear of something is almost always present or it means we are in perfect pitch with the song of our Creator.

I wish I had ALL of TWO DAYS, to just read everything you wrote on this blog, up until now.

Well, I DO have a start now...right?

Calli said...

I believe I've snuffed that fear right out, Steve, in a big way!

...thanks for digging so deeply into ,my blog. :)

Steve E said...

I remember falling "in love" with your poetry early, then your painting, your work, then there was something about your photos (your face, your eyes) which said to me...this person is well worth knowing, and so I became a fan, even if a lurking one.

Please do not take these remarks as flirting, although OTOH, why not --grin! ("Some" say I do that too much--maybe it is true.)

Steve E said...

Gotta go play a two-hour show this evening. I love doing that!
Signing off !

Calli said...

Hey, Have fun playing tonight, Steve!

it took me a minute to get "OTOH"...I am so out of it with computer lingo and acronyms...lol
My eldest daughter has to give me the scoop half the time...

thank you very much & see you, you big flirt! :)