Friday, November 14, 2008

fallen from heaven

Ich habe mich in einem Engel verliebt!

I have fallen in love with an Angel!

For these immortal wings
paired and translucent,
for their divine substance,
I do thank you,
but even so I humbly beg-
Transform me, transform me!
to that other race
in your image so wondrously fashioned
and of eternal love forged.

Here is the German translation:

Für diese unsterblichen Flügel
zusammengepaßt und lichtdurchlässig,
für ihre göttliche Substanz,
Ich danke Ihnen,
aber allerdings bitte ich bescheiden
Wandeln Sie mich um, wandeln Sie mich um!
zu diesem anderen Rennen
in Ihrem Bild so wondrously umgearbeitet
und von der ewigen Liebe geschmiedet

From the Opera: 'Fallen From Heaven' - Seraphina
'Vom Himmel GeFallen'

***To me this is very beautiful as Seraphina, the angel begs to become mortal to be with the one she loves. What a beautiful thought...the angel in the image is of course male, but it still, in many ways symbolizes for me, the meaning of the lines from the opera.

...and since I am learning German I love to use it in my writing on occasion.


Fireblossom said...

Hello, Calli. I found you through my friends Grace and Tracey. This piece about the angel is marvelous.

Calli said...

Thank you for visiting and for such a sweet comment. It's very nice to meet you! ...and I just love your avatar!

Tracey-Ann said...

This is so bittersweet. It reminds me of "The City of Angels". (one of my favorite movies)

Lovely ~

Calli said...

Oh Tracey, I agree, so bittersweet, and I absolutely love 'The City of Angels,' so heartbreaking...and the theme song by Sarah McLachlan is deeply haunting.