Sunday, May 31, 2009


Everything feels fractured

My heart will never be the same

Our chapters have been read

Our story has been told

Our pictures lie on the cutting room floor

Our worlds collided with both beauty and pain

What remains?

I love

I have loved

I will love again…

© Calli 2009

image source: Nostalgia_by_Rawia on deviantart


Karen said...

{{Callie}} So sad.

Steve E. said...

I think it is full of hope--"I will love again..."

And to "Love"...and "Have Loved", aren't those pure and beautiful gifts? And the flooding of memories--even those are gifts, so long as I dwell on the passionate and blissful ecstasies, and the carefree fun, I am able to re-live a lifetime of goodnesses, happinesses, lovingnesses.

We humans are endowed with that gifted capability of remembering the good, and forgetting the bad. Re: Marc Antony's speech at the funeral of Julius Caesar, written by Shakepeare....

Printemps said...

...I will love agian

emergence of life itself!

Shadow said...

another 'song' that sings in my heart today.

laughingwolf said...

yes... open yourself to the blessings of the universe and much will flood into your life....

Catvibe said... will. :-)

Chuck Dilmore said...

she has too much to offer
to stay down too long, and
owes it to herself to
dream again.

beautiful writing!

SarahA said...

I cry *sob*
Lovely words though, you.