Thursday, December 4, 2008

become the alchemist

Emotions untamed by your angelic ways
Emotions tangled, twisted and torn

You are my cure! my angel! my love!

Become the alchemist- turn my lead heart to gold
With your love and purest passion

Heal me with your kiss
Hold me, until together
We reach Bliss.

~Calli © 2008


matthew said...

I love the energy and immediacy of this poem. Beautiful work. Thank you for writing and sharing.

Calli said...

Thank you very much Matthew!

Tracey-Ann said...

Your poem coveys such passion, Calli. I agree with Matthew, truly beautiful.

Calli said...

Your heartfelt comments surely made my day! I am blessed by having you all share your precious time; taking in my words and thoughts and then commenting so generously.

Many thanks!