Sunday, December 7, 2008

blissful thoughts...

Holding onto those blissful thoughts of you dear heart
That pass through me like a graceful
Morning mist, which finds its way through hilltops
Misted with hints of blue and grey

Blissful thoughts that take hold
And set my heart aflutter
Placing a glow upon my cheeks, so pale

I can barely breathe
While taking in these visions of you!
Incredibly colorful, incredibly true

Bring your heart
Let it rest upon mine…

Kiss me
With the voice of your being...

Let me come to know you, slowly...
As we savor each ‘blessed’ moment together

Oh, and each time
You press your hands to mine-

Life and love become Sublime!

~Calli © 2008


Tracey-Ann said...

This conveys such a lovely feeling of tranquility and bliss that only comes when thinking of a loved one.
Beautiful splashes of words that paints a lovely picture.

Calli said...

Tracey, your comments are always so sweet and written so eloquently, but how could I expect anything less from such a beautifully talented poet!