Thursday, December 4, 2008

On angel's wings and a prayer...

You held your arms close to your waist
When all I wanted to do was to take
Your ringless hand in mine and hold it tight

Our eyes met, and as you lowered yours
I thought "You're a shy one,"
Yet I felt your secret desires
The very same as mine

Though I also sensed a sadness,
As if your heart is caught up in something

Or are you as free as I need you to be?

My heart has been calling out to you My Angel
For such a long time
Always aware
Always waiting your arrival
On angel's wings and a prayer
You are here!

Always knowing
That it was just a matter of time...

And just a matter of time before I make you mine!

~Calli © 2008

image source: Angel 11 by


Tracey-Ann said...

"On angel's wings and a prayer
You are here!"

What a feeling immeasurable joy, I love this line. Beautiful poem Calli !

Calli said...

Thank you dear 'kindred spirit' of mine!