Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love's fair story

Love’s fair story

Desirous of all

Plain and simple

Longed for love

Love is to be held

Within this love Song

Held at night

Within a dream

You held me tight

You pulled me close

We slow danced

While the angels played our song

So close

I felt enfolded within Such love

Such beauty

Such grace

A safeness

A security

I have not known

You pulled me to your chest

You slipped your arms around me tightly

In a sheltered embracing light

Filled with love

Words cannot describe

The beauty in that moment

You touched me!

You touched my soul!

The want

The need

Was finally


~ Calli ~ a dream inspired this very early in 2008

image source: The Lovers by

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paulwchambers said...

love causes our hearts to be drunk with a beauty our eyes could never see...