Sunday, December 7, 2008

pieces of my heart...

Pieces of my heart
Just lie there on the floor
Like shards of glass
Displaced, Forgotten
Uncolored, darkened by debris
Left to be swept up
By whom?
By what?

Or to simply collect ashes and dust
To be forgotten
To be dismissed
To be - To be NOTHING
Discarded - Destroyed
To whom?
To what?

~Calli © 2008

image source: The_Path_of_Broken_Glass by


Tracey-Ann said...

The pieces of your heart are beautiful and colorful, and certainly not forgotten
They paint beautiful canvases and poems like this.
Lovely, Calli ~

Calli said...

I am always deeply touched by your words, Tracey. They mean so much and are always inspiring! Thank you so much! :)